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A Yoga Studio Business Plan
Made Simple and Easy

Boost your income by following this easy rule.

Your yoga studio business plan needs to be simple, emphasizing your training and how you will market your business of yoga.

Starting a yoga business and bringing it to a steady income producing level depends less on the number of your competitors and more on how you choose to market it.

Let’s take the case of Kathleen from Lake Charles, Louisiana.

She decided to start a yoga business 34-months ago. I recently called her to see what effort she put in to developing a yoga studio business plan.

This is her experience.

Kathleen’s Yoga Studio Business Plan


Kathleen emphasized that she wanted to have certification as a yoga teacher. She turned to international known and revered guru Anmol Mehta.

His Yoga Teachers Training Program leads to certification of your skills by him, a huge plus in the marketplace.

His 370 pages and 15 top-rated video program costs only $77. Kathleen credits her success to strictly following it.


One of the first decisions she made was not to have a fixed location for her business. In order to cover the entire geographic area, she sought free or low cost space in churches, the YWCA and even a library.

Her marketing plan was to have easy access by clients to multiple locations offering scheduled classes and private instruction at each location.

Kathleen has been very pleased with this decision.


With her certification and locations in hand, she focused on the administrative, session planning and the local marketing of her yoga business.

She was determined not to reinvent the wheel, so to speak. She could not afford to waste time and dollars by making mistakes.

For this she turned to the Internet to learn everything she could about marketing her business.


Kathleen reports that she has 3 studio locations, two in churches and one in a library. Seasonally it varies, but she has eleven sessions scheduled per week with an average attendance of nine clients per session. She usually has 8 to 12 individual client sessions per week also.

She told me that she would not change a thing.  Although, she indicated she can get tired from all the activity.


Thank you for visiting A Yoga Studio Business Plan Made Simple and Easy.

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