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What is Affiliate Marketing

Two Simple Keys To Success

What is affiliate marketing?

What are the two simple keys to success?

Here are Free resources to ensure your success.

Definition of Affiliate Marketing

Just about every national retailer like Staples, Sears, Amazon, Target, etc. and thousands of online businesses have an affiliate program of some sort.

In a nut shell, the simplest explanation of affiliate marketing (sometimes known as affiliate program) is where a company offers an individual (affiliate), not employed by the company, a financial reward for advertising and/or selling their product or service to a third party/buyer.

An affiliate is rewarded for their effort in a couple of ways.

  1. Many websites, like mine, as an example, use AdChoices from Google. Each advertiser pays me a small fee, as an affiliate, to have their ad on my website. I am paid a “Cost Per Click” or CPC each time a visitor clicks on one of these ads. No sale need occur.
  2. Another payment form is called a “Pay Per Sale” or PPS. Here an affiliate refers one of their website visitors to a company and a sale results. For example: Amazon will pay only if that affiliate’s website sends their visitor to them AND a sale is actually made.

Now, what actions must you take to be a successful in this business?

Two Simple Keys to Success

Yes, you too can dream of lazy days lying on the beach while the money just pours in to your bank account.

However, from personal experience, before this happens, you must master these two simple elements of success:

1.  LEARN "in depth" what is affiliate marketing and what it is not.

If you want to make your small business affiliate program successful you simply MUST put in the work to know, beyond any doubt, what is the correct road to travel (there are many false and very appealing roads clamoring for your attention). Then you must match your vision of earning a significant income with the amount of effort you're willing to invest in yourself.

The "Bible" of what is affiliate marketing and how to achieve success is a FREE Resource by Ken Evoy entitled, "The Affiliate Masters Course." I suggest to you, that anyone who is an expert in developing an online affiliate marketing program, became successful ONLY after learning and mastering this outstanding course!!

2.  You must HELP people achieve what they want and NOT SELL them what they want.

The people who fail in their attempt to make money fail because they develop a website that focuses on selling and not on providing diverse personal information about a particular affiliate marketing "product" they offer to their visitors.

Success is “PREselling” them and NOT in selling them!

To achieve your desired affiliate marketing success please consider understanding fully these  

2 FREE Resources:

Make Your Site Sell Make Your Words Sell

See, I suggested that making a fortune through affiliate marketing is simple.

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