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Unique Business Ideas
Tomorrows Business Trends Today

The best unique business ideas to float your boat can appear to be wacky or goofe.

Looking for ideas for a home business, the best Internet businesses or that new business idea that sparks your interest, well, read on.

#1 Deliver Restaurant Food

Do what Hap and Susan are doing. In their town they have established a company with no competition.

They deliver restaurant orders to your door from eating establishments who do not have their own delivery capability.

It's simple. Their website simply provides an address from the eating place of your choice. They ask the client to contact the place, order food, pay for it and pay  their $6 to $12 delivery fee.

Susan told me that their best hits come from guests at hotels. And, some of the requests are strange!

#2 Take Your Beauty Salon On The Road

Following the trail blazing business of Connie and Jeff from San Antonio, Texas could pay off big time for you. They met while working at a traditional hair salon. They eventually decided to jump into a hair salon model others had not taken, i.e., bring their salon skills “to their clients.”

In addition, they decided to focus on senior, disabled, and home bound women. They also did hair styling (hair cuts) for men in the same situations. They thought this would be among the best new business ideas for them.

Here are the actions they took to start and grow their hot new business.

#3 Toddler and Preschooler Development in the Home

Doesn’t sound like a brand new opportunity does it?

Well, my neighbor Jeanne thought so too. That was until she had two toddlers of her own running around the house making her crazy. She was exhausted!

She told me that she got this unique business idea for her new company when she thought, “There has to be a better way to help my kids develop, have fun (that means keeping them occupied) and allow me to interact with them in peace and quiet.”

She assembled a Learning Kit for parents focusing exclusively on toddler and preschooler social development.

Her business is selling her Kit. And, she is very prosperous!

#4 Become An Online Juror

This certainly is a dumb idea!

Not so. It's among the best unique business ideas around.

Attorneys need feedback on their cases prior to going to trial. Just like you would make money from taking surveys, you can make money from being selected for a mock jury. You become a juror using the Internet…and you get paid!

Here, you’ll find out how to do it.

#5 Virtual Dressing Room

Just think about how many clothing catalogs exist; well over 3,000. Wouldn't be wonderful to create a website that allows a potential catalog customer to try on clothing virtually?

How valuable would this feature be to those catalog companies? A goldmine I would say!

#6 Solve Small Business Problems

A problem solving business can pay the big bucks you expect. It may be done over the Internet or in person by visiting small companies in your area.

Every kind of company in your community has problems. They range from not planning, lack of sales, little money, personal problems, marketing, etc.

There are resources available to learn how to fix these situations. All you need do is to apply yourself.

Don Johnson, a retired former small business owner, from Montgomery, Alabama had the necessary entrepreneurial passion but was unsure how to start a business problem solving business. He knew his plan was a unique business idea.

His how-he-did-it story paid off big time.

#7 Pet Physical Therapy Business

Hanna from Orlando, Florida was downsized. She was lost. She didn’t know what to do.

She has loved animals since childhood. After serious thought she decided to see a local veterinarian to see what options were available to her to follow her passion. He was eager to assist and the rest is history.

Hanna had never heard of pet physical therapy but was driven to find out more. Here is her road to success.

#8 Internship Connections

In today's world experience matters and matters most when seeking a job!

Wouldn't it be sensational if you developed a website that helps connect students from high schools and collages to companies, non-profits, foundations and others that offered them  internship opportunities?

Think of all the monetization possibilities!

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