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Toddler Social Development
A New Business
That Works

Peace and quiet leading to toddler social development.? Your new business opportunity has what Moms and Dads dream of.

Peace and quiet was not part of your household situation.

Wouldn't it be delightful to give that benefit to stay-at-home Moms and Dads...at least part of the time?

Well, my neighbor Jeanne told me that she was at her wits end when she got the idea for her new company. She thought,

“There has to be a better way to help my kids develop, have fun (that means keeping them occupied) and allow me to interact with them in peace and quiet.”

Her vision for a part time company was born.

She decided other parents had a similar situation. Her local library fell short in having the right info.

She wanted to focus exclusively on how to provide younger children social development and keeping parents sane at the same time.

Two Very Helpful Sources of Strength

After further research, she found a resource, which focus on preschooler development:

50 Development Activities for Kids

From this resource, she put together her own “Keeping Toddlers and Preschoolers Interested…and Giving Mom a Break Too” Learning Kit for parents.

She sells her Learning Kit through local bookstores, children clothing stores and by addressing dozens of Moms groups at churches, social service agencies connected with childhood social development and at any and every parent group she can find.

She even approached a local Foundation that supports cognitive child development asking for and receiving financial support so she could give away her Learning Kit to parents in disadvantaged neighborhoods of her city.

Chatting with her earlier this year, she says she is actually in a financial position now to give away her Kit to people when she wants to.

Jeanne found out that the toddler development market is enormous. Parents are hungry for toddler and preschooler focused cognitive development information.

She is happy. Her children are happy. Oh, and so is her bank account!

Thank you for visiting Toddler Social Development: A New Business That Works.

Additional Professional Information

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The National Association for Child Development

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