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Why Is A Steam Cleaning Business
So Profitable?

20 Businesses in 1

When you start a vapor steam cleaning and a carpet steam cleaning business, you have unlocked the most profitable “20 businesses all in one business" available today!

This is the newest and best low cost business idea on the planet.

Prove it to Yourself

A Dry Vapor Steam Cleaning Business is a marketing dream. Here's Why!

      1.  No Chemicals involved whatsoever

      2.  Safe and Eco-friendly green cleaning

      3.  Cleans, sanitizes, deodorizes and disinfects all at the same time

      4.  Causes no allergies ever

All the above attributes make this vapor steam cleaning business opportunity potentially a marketing goldmine.

Literally, anyone who hires a professional to clean any interior and exterior hard surface of their home , their business, or even their car, boat or deck will lean positively toward the business offering the above four attributes.

YOU are now huge steps above any of your competitors.         

So What's this "Vapor" Stuff
in a
Steam Cleaning Business

Everyone is familiar with the traditional tile/grout or other hard surface cleaning method.

It goes like this.

Up pulls a large van filled with a two hundred foot 3" hose, a high impact steam generator and a wand nozzle which forces steam-filled water onto a surface and then partially extracts it.

This traditionally leaves your carpet, deck or floor still very damp. It will usually take several hours for this to dry completely.

But not any more.

The NEW method of cleaning with steam will use "less than 4 gallons of water" to clean  all hard surface floors (tile and hardwood floors included) and decks (plus a whole lot more items) found in a traditional 2,000 square foot home.


New technology allows a small amount of water in a "dry vapor cleaning machine" to be heated to around 375 degrees.

Using cellulose and HEPA approved filters all hard surfaces, when using this machine type, are not only cleaned but disinfected too.

There is essentially no moisture left on a surface because moisture left evaporates very quickly.

After all it is steam!

Free Counseling Available:

As part of my mission to Pay It Forward, I will assist you for free as you consider starting any online or offline business.

This is not a come-on, a trick or something to suck you in to buying stuff. Nope. This is a sincere offer to help. Period.

Just click on my photo above if I may help.

Cost of Starting  Your Steam Cleaning Business

If you have a car, even a small mini-van, your portable dry vapor and/or steam carpet machine will fit into it.

Your machine ranges in size from a traditional vacuum cleaner to a regular garbage can depending on the function of your machines.

The market leader for these machines is a company called Daimer.

Not only will they train you but can offer attractive finance terms for any machine(s) you purchase. This is a real Bonus!

The cool part of starting this small company is that portable steam machines cost from far less than $1,000 up to less than $4,000. Your Daimer representative can fit the exact machine to the services you offer.

Vapor steam cleaning leaves any room smelling fresh and clean.

Both homeowners and business owners can instantly notice a huge before and after difference in how vibrant the area is.

Marketing Your Business:

Initially, here are some low cost marketing ideas to jump start your steam cleaning service.

  • Use Craigslist to advertise why you're different than others.
  • Have cards and a flyer made that emphasizes the "benefits" of your service and go door to door in select neighborhoods chatting and leaving your flyer.
  • Potential customers use the Internet and not the telephone book to find services they will use. Therefore, at some point you will need to have a website. I recommend Solo Build It as an option for building your site. I use them to build this site and I don't know any technical stuff to build it. They take care of all that.

Personal Experience
Commercial Business

Ginger, a single entrepreneur, noticed that practically every fast food restaurant has restrooms and food prep areas that are less than spotless. In fact, how many fast food restrooms have you been in where the floor is sticky or has build up dirt?

She contracts with area managers to clean these once a quarter.

Yes, it's some night work but she makes a bundle and then some.

Ginger recently mentioned to me she is expanding her effort to small manufacturing plants and Collage/University dining facilities.

20 Vapor Steam Cleaning Business Opportunities

The economic advantages to using your growing company by potential clients becomes clear.

This is the beauty of this opportunity. You literally can be all things to all people seeking professionals to clean any aspect of their home, office, car, boat, RV, etc.

In fact, when potential clients call you for one service you can easily up-sell other services. It only takes your time, for which, you are paid a pile of money.

See how easy it is to make money.

List of Your Vapor Steam Cleaning Services:

Auto Steam Cleaning

Carpet Steam Cleaning

Industrial Steam Cleaning





Wood Floors

Boats of all sizes

Awnings, Blinds and Shutters

Windows and Doors


Exterior Wood/Brick Buildings

Cleaning after Renovation of Bldgs.



Cement and Brick Walkways/Driveways


Mobile Homes

Liquid Containing Rail Cars

Graffiti Removal

Restaurants and their restrooms

Thank you for visiting Start a Vapor Steam Cleaning Business.

Helpful Professional Resources

U.S. Small Business Administration: Starting a Business

Additional Small Business Ideas

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