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Starting An Import Business

Solid Resources For Making Money

Consider strongly starting an Import business.


It is truly a can't miss business opportunity!

Besides, I’ll show you how to save a ton of money to start your own import business and grow it to where you can make significant income.

My personal experience has taught me that bringing any business to profitability requires three resource efforts:

"(1) First is your dedication and focus: your ability to overcome financial and misjudgment mistakes, not get overly frustrated and plow ahead.

(2) Second is to pick the brains of people who have successful experiences operating the same opportunity you’re considering entering.

(3) Lastly is your ability to do "complete marketplace rersearch:" to identify ALL competitors and EVERYTHING about each one. "Only" after you have accomplished these three steps are you now ready to identify which business is righjt for you.

___________________- EDUCATION-________________________

One Important factor that I my clients and I have learned over the years in Starting an Import and/or Export business is that education is the "absolute key" to limit financial mistakes and to allow you to earn more than pocket change.

It is so important to an entrepreneur’s mental health to identify and follow the successful paths of others. This saves you untold mistakes and, therefore, time and money.

It’s far easier to be successful if you do not reinvent the wheel, so to speak.

Why Starting an Import Business is Such an Opportunity

The answer is money, money and money.

Entrepreneurs literally from all over the world want an import export opportunity for their products, products of every description.

Individuals and companies the world over are hungry to sell their products either directly to you or through a distributor.

Use the Internet to search for products you’re interested in importing. Just remember, price of a product is always negotiable.

Import Product Pricing Suggestion

Here is a “rule of thumb” for understanding margin (or product mark up) in starting an import business.

  • First, the product manufacture will mark-up their product by about 21 to 32 percent over the cost of making it.
  • Second, the export distributor will add another 21 to 27 percent from what it costs them to buy the product from the manufacture.

  • Third, shipping, depending upon the product, will cost the distributor about 6 to 8 percent additional.
  • Fourth, you, as the product distributor/seller in your country, you will mark the product up between 38 to 57 percent to cover your costs and profit.
  • Fifth, your in-country distributor, if you will use one, will add another 25 to 35 percent.
  • Sixth, if you're selling your imported product(s) directly to a retailer they must have a margin of 40 to 60 percent or more.

All the above is not an unusual cost-margin-chain for most imported products sold in the United States, Europe and the Western World. Not unusual at all.

The bottom line for you is this.

When starting an Import enterprise you will, in part, determine whether the product you’re considering importing will be a good deal for you, the retailer and your customers.


The 2-Links listed below are "exceptional" import resources. They are by far, the cream.

I can tell you one thing. My clients rave about both these Very Low Cost educational must haves!!

Folks with extensive importing experiences author them.

I urge you to seriously review each of them and obtain both of them to insure that your foundation allows you to launch a highly profitable company!

Helpful Professional Resources

Additional valuable information for starting your company may be found at these useful resources:

  1. International Chamber of Commerce
  2. The National Customs Brokers & Forwarders Association of America

Thank you for visiting, Starting an Import Business: Solid Resolurces for Making Good Money.

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