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An Event Planning Business

3 Powerful Keys To Goldmine Success

The 3 powerful keys to starting an event planning business leading to goldmine success are discussed.

Entrepreneurs look upon event management planning as both exciting and rewarding. No wonder the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts this industry to grow by 44% in this decade.

Three Powerful Keys to Success

There is absolutely no doubt about it, in the event business, conveying successfully to organizations of all types your credibility, your knowledge and your organizing ability are the keys to earning a significant income in this field.

These proven elements to success are:

  1.  Learn Event Planning Leading to Certification

  2.  Making a Critical Event Planning Proposal

  3.  Event Management Planning Implementation

1.  Learn Event Planning Leading to Certification

Here’s the scoop.

In order to be successful in starting any business, the more you know the fewer mistakes and wasted opportunities you’ll have in building a winning strategy for business profitability.

More importantly, when you want others to purchase your service expertise (and starting an event planning business is a service), their perception of your ability is “the critical element” in their decision-making.

A huge percentage of your competitors have certification from an institution of higher leaning. To compete in the marketplace, you too must achieve this status.

Many Colleges and Universities have online programs in the event field. Taking any program from them leading to certification is a must.

From time to time you may also find 2-day programs in various cities for around $300 tutition and obtain a certificate. These are A-OK too.

2. Making a Critical Event Planning Proposal

Unless you tick all the boxes, so to speak, your proposal will be dead on arrival.

You should know that some event planners and event planning coordinators spend $2000 or more to have professional proposal writers do their stuff. They realize that spending these amounts can generate tens of thousands of dollars in return.

To compete you must know every single element that will make your proposal competitive. Not only that, but, as stated above, your proposal must give the event decision-makers the best perception possible of your ability to make their event a winner!

To achieve the acceptance of your proposal as the winning one, I strongly recommend you consider using this internationally known company.

For less than $200 they provide a detailed event planning proposal outline that covers everything (but the kitchen sink). You may even email them with questions to ensure you are providing the full and correct info.

Anyway, I urge you to seriously consider this proven resource.

3. Specific Event Management Planning Implementation

The proof is in the pudding.

Starting an event planning business requires noticing and tracking every possible detail of your event.

Everything, from your event planning timeline to specific details about every aspect of the client’s event must be planned.

For example.

  • Meetings and Presentations: How the chairs should be set up, should they be ganged or spaced 3” apart, what’s the space needed in inches between the rows, should the end of the rows be angled, if so, how much?
  • What is the set up for the presenters? What’s the size and height of the raised platform risers in from of the room, where should it be placed, what about sound, microphones, audio-visual equipment, internet, lighting, equipment operators, etc.?
  • And don’t forget about tearing-down and re-set time requirements and scheduling the help necessary to achieve this.

On a personal note: When I was the event planner for our city’s convention center, I remember having to plan all the details for tearing down a 1,200-seat meeting room and re-setting the room with 200, 6’ diameter tables of six for a banquet in 75 minutes while the attendees were at a cocktail party. No small task. But our staff and the caterer each did their jobs and we did it!

You get the idea. Starting an event planning business is all about achieving certification, winning proposals and managing the details of implementation.


Thank you for visiting Starting an Event Planning Business.

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  • Event Planning Blueprint: Melanie Woodward has a gem of an ebook with a focus on making an event timeline, budgeting and how to price each of your services so you make money.

Helpful Professional Resources

U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics: Event Planners

International Festivals and Events Association

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