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Starting a Travel Agency
Only Two Approaches Work

In starting a travel agency with lasting viability, there are only two approaches that produce a significant income for the owner and growth sales for the business.

Both an Internet travel agency and a home-based travel agency must follow one of the two approaches listed below to be profitable.

I have used both approaches successfully for many years. If you have questions, pleases just click on my photo.

Why Consider
Starting a Travel Agency

But first: Why should I be starting an agency, you ask?

I thought it was a dying business?

People plan trips using their computers. Aren’t professional agencies going the route of the horse and buggy?

Well…Yes and No.

A travel agency is still very much a viable income generating opportunity.

It just must focus differently.

Historically, the picture we have of starting a travel agency is patterned after a traditional one.

That is, it provides a host of services like air tickets, cruises, tours, car rentals, hotels, etc. It is all things to all people. It is physically located in a building.

This traditional approach is horse and buggy.

Only Two Travel Approaches Work

The travel agency today, it must position itself within the following two niches or approaches to be income producing.

Approach ONE

In your travel agency marketing plan, you must specialize in being a destination or niche agency.

That is, pick a geographic area of the word like Cuba, the Caribbean, or in the alternative being a cruse only agency, a gay travel agency, an adventure travel agency, focus on singles, a Hawaii agency or specialize in a city like Prague, Rome, Dakar, etc.

No matter if you choose starting a home-based travel agency, an online one or to locate in a traditional brick and mortar strip mall, the goal is to specialize.

In this mode you sell third party travel/cruise packages for a commission usually 10% to 15% commission.

You’re not a traditional agency.

You are specializing in only ONE aspect. You become the “expert” in that destination. For example, it could be Mexico or just Cancun…whatever your personal interest is.

Approach TWO

The other approach to being hugely successful is to put together “your own distinct trip package.”

It could be "only land only," e.g. with these items included in your tour: airport transfers to hotel (or a rental car), a hotel(s) stay, X number of meals, visiting attractions (admission included) with transportation to and back and, of course, a private tour guide

You make a ton more money, you are able to have other agencies sell “your” package and you’re growing equity in your business that you can sell to someone when you want to do that.

My Travel Business is free resource showing you how to achieve this approach to success.

In this profitable approach, you are the trip supplier. You sell your own trips and have others sell your packages for a 10% or 15% commission.

Your benefit is that you can make a ton more money.

With either of the above approaches, your success can be achieved.

Thank you for visiting Starting a Travel Agency.

Helpful Professional Associations

  1. American Society of Travel Agents
  2. National Association of Career Travel Agents

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