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Starting a 
 Gift Basket Business
Even If You Have
No Creative Talent

Today, many entrepreneurs consider starting a gift basket business even absent a single bone of decorating creativity.

Yes, earning a solid living in the gift basket business is relatively easy to do. I can attest that this is absolutely true!

Of course, if you do have creative talent, then the sky is sunny and blue all day long.

See how.

Options for Your Success:

  1. Contract with the best gift basket creative firm to make custom gift baskets for you of every conceivable kind. Want to send a basket to nearly any country in the world? No Problem.
  2. Make custom gift baskets yourself, using low cost supplies from national suppliers.

Do you know that there are 250-plus different kinds of gift baskets you may make or have made for every conceivable event or circumstance you can think of?

Have you ever watched on TV the program called, “Cake Boss?” I have. Are you amazed like I am by the kinds of cakes Buddy can create? In starting a gift basket business your decorative options are truly unlimited, just like Buddys.

When starting a gift basket business, there are so many avenues you can take to make money. You will be amazed by the opportunities presented. 

Your effort should focus on

  1. The gift basket business opportunity you generate with shoppers who want to send your products rather than sending flowers
  2. The corporate business gift basket marketplace is huge. Corporations send gifts to clients and their employees.

How to Make Income Faster

Yes, this can be a home-based gift basket business.

From experience, I would not recommend this, although you may make money from your home.

I believe you may not optimize your time-spent verses the revenue generated to make it more than just a hobby business.

I strongly urge you to lease a retail space in a high traffic location. This should give you the exposure and customers you need to make your effort a thriving business.

There is no substitute for such a location. I suggest you start with 450 to 700 sq. ft.

Yes, your shop rent will be higher than if you located in the boonies. But a gift basket business is what is called a  “Constant Reminder” business.

There is nothing in second place when it comes to a high traffic location.

Potential customers need to “constantly be reminded” of your service, as they drive  or walk by your shop, if your objective is starting a gift basket business and having it support you with solid profits.

Out of sight is out of mind.

This is not you!

Your shop should be loaded with several sample baskets and a ton of large photos on your walls and in your shop’s front window displaying your colorful items.

OPTION ONE: Contract With An Outside Firm

I recently contacted Peggy, the owner of a gourmet gift basket business in Louisville, Kentucky, who I occasionally support as a customer.

“Starting a gift basket business is something I always wanted to do,” Peggy told me. “However,” she said, I do not have a lick of talent that is needed to make them.”

“So, what made you take that leap of faith that you could be successful starting a gift basket business from scratch," I asked?

“Well, I was really nervous until I found two very helpful resources:

  1. Rita Wihelm’s How to Start a Gift Basket Business sort of held my hand and nudged me along the path of being an entrepreneur myself. She is fantastic!
  2. Chatting with and establishing an outstanding relationship with the folks at Gift Basket Drop Shipping, the supplier of my gift baskets that I sell to my customers.

They supply me with photos of dozen of gift baskets that I use throughout my shop and in my album which I show my customers for them to order out of.

They are simply wonderful!

The best part is, I make Money!

Thanks Peggy.

OPTION TWO: Use Your Creative Talent and Make the Baskets
in Your Shop

Like Peggy did, as described above, I too highly recommend Rita Wihelm’s e-book, How to Start a Gift Basket Business. It’s reasonable cost is $47. However, her experience and guidance, I suggest, will save you countless wasted hours and potentially a heap of money when starting up.

Another excellent resource I suggest you consider buying ($29.95) to supplement Rita’s experiences is Sherry Miller’s Start Your Own Gift Basket Business.

Drawing on Rita’s and Sherry’s super informative start-up info should provide a solid foundation for your gift basket success. Your competitors won’t know what hit them, as your shop prospers.

A Suggested Gift Basket Supplier

Nashville Wraps

Free Counseling

Free Counseling Available

If I may help you, please just click on my picture above.

Yes, I do free counseling.

This is not a come on or some kind of trick to suck you in to buy something. Nope. This is part of my effort to Pay It Forward…helping entrepreneurs start any online or offline business in any part of the world.

I will never try to sell you anything.

Thank you for visiting Starting a Solid Gift Basket Business Even if You Have No Creative Talent.

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