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Starting A Craft Business

You're Only as Successful as Your Marketing


When starting a craft business, it’s only as profitable as your marketing effort. Selling crafts online can be a major strategy for high success.

Obviously, other marketing methods come into play. Traditional marketing includes:

          #  Posting your crafts for sale on eBay and etsy.com

          Attending craft shows and fairs

          #  Having a section in consignment and weekend flea markets

         Selling wholesale or leaving crafts on consignment in retail specialty stores

Two High Powered Resources

Starting a craft business, one which will generate more income than pocket change, is largely dependent on making a quality product and business foundation from which to grow.

Then, too few crafters want to spend the $50 or so to actually learn how to make money in the craft business. The traditional mind-set is usually to go it alone and just start their venture in hopes they’ll make money.

From personal experience, I have always picked the brains of others who have started and been successful in the business I wanted to start.

Anyway, in starting a craft business there is a powerful resource available written by a crafter who is internationally recognized as a master of the craft business.

With more than 17-years of success, Chuck Smith’s Craft Business Start-Up Kit is a treasure. If you’re just starting out, this is a gem. This is a fabulous source who has assisted many folks.

The World is Your Market

I want to share Shelley’s success.

A Mother of two daughters ages 7 and 10, she is totally into wire art. She spent 12-years making and selling her crafts the traditional way. She worked hard at it and was modestly successful by many standards.

Three years ago, when her husband was out of work, they both decided to try to expand the market for her crafts.

They decided the Internet was the way to go.

Just one problem, they had no clue how to build a website that is also a business.

They had friends that had a website. Those websites had not really made a sales impact in their craft selling efforts.

But Shelley and her husband were not dissuaded.

They searched for a company that would show them “proof” that if they would build a site using their methodology, that they would be successful in having their business found on the Web.

After all, more than 99% of all websites are lucky if anyone finds them.

Prove this to yourself.

When was the last time you went to pages 3 through 14,839,251?

After a website building failure, they found Site Build It (SBI), the same company I use to build this site…and you found me!

Seven months later, working part time building their site, they started to see sales as a result of their efforts.

Shelley told me that her first sale was $37. Six days later she had another for $117. Today, as a result of continuing to build out her site, she averages a little over 1.6 sales per day. “It’s a rat race,” she said.

She has two part time artisans working with her in order to keep up.

This is the power of the Internet!


Thank you for visiting Starting a Craft Business: You’re Only as Successful as Your Marketing.

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