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5 Proven Tips for Making Money Selling on eBay

A recommended way to start eBay Business is to know how to buy on ebay.

Actually, making money on eBay first requires that you buy items on eBay prior to selling items so you can earn a good reputation. A good reputation means paying on time and being honest in any transaction.

When you know how to buy, that is, how to evaluate, how much to pay for an item and the strategy of bidding, you have walked in those shoes.

This gives you a perspective for selling items.

Now is the time for trial and error selling on eBay.

Real everyday people start eBay Business by selling stuff lying around in the garage,  basement and goods they find at yard sales, flea markets and thrift stores before graduating into the big time of selling wholesale bulk merchandise from liquidators and/or wholesalers.

Before we get carried away, let's start with some basic proven tips that almost ensure significant income travels your way.

Start eBay Business: 5 Proven Tips to Guide You



If you just want to dabble in selling stuff on eBay for entertainment and pocket change, that’s A-OK.

But, if you r desire is making money with eBay, as a part time or full time business, then you need to hit the pause button and educate yourself on the best ways to supplement or to earn a significant income.

The best way to “learn” a new job/business is to have someone who has successfully done it before, to guide you through the steps necessary to be hugely successful. That’s how we learn best.

Why reinvent the wheel, so to speak, by diving in on your own, wasting time and dollars by making mistakes and misjudgments?

Please make a small investment in yourself, save time and money, build your confidence and learn how to make the big bucks by following the advise of this recognized master expert:

These two state-of-the-art resources together, for the serious minded entrepreneur, form the solid foundation needed to start a solid eBay business and thrive!

Educating yourself about how to use eBay to your advantage is just smart entrepreneurial sense!


Always, always provide free shipping!!

No one, not you, not me, ever feel like we need to pay shipping. It’s a turn off.

Check the shipping rate costs found on eBay and factor that into your selling price. Your competition does.


What are the best products to sell?

Again, eBay has stastics and data for this.

But, the proven way for many successful entrepreneurs is to follow the guidelines and experiences of Carlos Ferraro and Jim Cockrum.

What is thought to be the best selling items is not your key to success.

It’s finding the best items, that presented in the marketplace correctly, will drive the most revenue to you. Carlos and Jim will explain how you do this.


Presentation of your product is everything!

Pictures, pictures and more pictures plus an honest inviting description invites the highest auction price. Remember, filling a need or creating a need is what sells products.


Use the most popular keywords to describe your product. Your product has to be found. If it is not, then ZERO!

Again, educate yourself. Carlos and Jim hold the key.


Thank you for visiting Start eBay Business.

All my best for your success.

Free Counseling Available:

My mission is to Pay It Forward. I will bring my 40 years of experiences to assist you for free as you consider starting any online or offline business.

This is not a trick or something to get you to buy stuff. This is an sincere offer to help you. Period.

Please just click on my photo above to contact me.

A Helpful Professional Resource

U.S. Small Business Administration: Starting a Business


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