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Start An MLM Business
What is It?
What It Takes to be Successful!

This is critical.

When you start an MLM business, your goal is to

1. Own the content of your website, keep all the visitors/leads/buyers you have generated and

2. Make all the money you can for you and your down line partners/distributors. Period!


When you sign up to “sell” product(s) of a MLM direct selling company, does it make sense to send to that company your generated leads or to keep them for yourself?

When you start an MLM business using the content of your own website, your visitors are leads that will translate into buyers of your product(s).

Your business website now builds value. You may now “sell it” to another person for real dollars if you choose to?

Under the traditional MLM model “your business” has no value because you have given all your leads to the direct selling company. Does this make sense? Why would you choose to do this?

Let’s see how all this works.

What is MLM

MLM is known as Multi-Level-Marketing, also as direct selling, relationship selling or network marketing.

According to the Direct Selling Association over 15 million Americans are involved in MLM generating more than $30 billion in sales in the U. S. alone. So the opportunity is real.

The traditional MLM system works like this.

  • You attract personally and continue to grow your “team” of individuals who see a common purpose in coming together to sell one or more products from, what is called, a direct selling company.
  • You earn revenue when you or any of your team members sell a product. Each team member, in turn, builds their own team of individuals to sell products, from which they earn revenue…and so do you.

 This is why it is called multi-level-marketing.

How to be Successful in MLM

Think about this.

How many people do you think you can personally contact, say, over six months to join your team of direct sellers of your product(s)? Is that 50 or 100 or 1,000?

Probably your answer is about 100.

Of those contacts, maybe 2 to 3, if you’re a great salesperson, will join your team.

Now, let’s say it takes you 4-months to build a website that does not write about your direct selling company or its products.

Because you have chosen to start an MLM business using the Internet and you have chosen keywords that represent the value and the need for you’re your un-named product, you are now attracting visitors to your site that want answers to their questions or needs, and are pre-disposed to buy your product(s) and maybe join your team of direct sellers.

How many potential buyers of your product and possible down line distributors/team members do you think you can reach in a month or two? Probably in the 100s! How about in 3-months, 5-months or 10-months?

Now, do you believe the traditional way to start an MLM business or the Internet way to start an MLM business is better?

Tips to Increase Success

To Start an MLM business wisely, please consider these tips for success.

  • Consider selecting a direct selling company who is a member of the Direct Selling Association. They have standards and a history of being fair to MLM participants.
  • Be passionate about the company you choose and the products you plan to represent.Be selective in choosing members of your team and be prepared to teach them the ropes of building a website to achieve your and their revenue goals.
  • Consider building your MLM effort by using the methodology of Solo Build It (SBI). I used SBI to build this website, as well as over 40,000 other entrepreneurs in building theirs. SBI’s system is taught in over 30 colleges and universities, which gives it proof and credibility as to its success.
  • Only refer a buyer to the direct selling company’s website after you have personally chatted with them. This is to build your own integrity and personal relationship with them. After all this is your customer and NOT the direct selling companies. You want to sell them additional products in the future.
  • Start an MLM business over the Internet part time at first to get your feet on the ground and to really see if this is the small business road you want to travel.
  • Most direct selling companies will charge around $100 for you to be a distributor. This is usually fully refundable if you decide not to continue with them.
  • MLM the Internet way is low-risk, high-flexibility and better returns that the traditional MLM way. The best kind of business!!!
  • Lastly, set goals and achieve them!!


Thank you for visiting Start an MLM Business.

Helpful Professional Associations

 The Direct Selling Association

U. S. Small Business Administration: Starting an Online Business

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