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Start A Online Business
Rules For Success

Sounds simple doesn’t it: start a online business and quite your day job. Probable? Yes, if done the right way. If done the wrong way then NOPE!

The vast majority of would-be online entrepreneurs have "no clue" on what Internet business model to follow.

Mostly, they’ve heard from friends or have seen ads on the Web, how they can register a domain name and pick a web host for $10 a month or less and away they “go.”

Or, you get sucked in with an advertisement that suggests you can build a website in less than an hour. NOTICE: They say website and not a "business" Website.

This is what happens when you get sucked in to one of these come-ons!

There are currently more than a billion websites. That number is growing and growing fast.

What are your odds that you will start a online business the proper way (in less than 1 hour) to have it appear on page one or page two of the Search Engines?

The honest answer is less than .02 percent. (two tenths of 1%)

Want proof?

When you seek information on the Internet, how often do you go to page three, page four or pages 5 through 16,837,651?

Where do you think your "quick and easy" websit will rank? Will it rank closer to being #1 or closer to being rank 16,837,651?

Now What?

5 Proven and Powerful Rules in Starting a Online Business

Thousands of webmasters choose Wordpress as a web host.

Most of them are disapointed with their results. For example:

a) Less traffic than expected

b) Only making pocket change

c) Unsure if everything they "plug in" to their Site is compatible

Please see +X+X+ below to fix these problems.

(1) Myself and over 40,000 other online entrepreneurs use Solo Build It (SBI). Oh, and the SBI methodology is taught in over 30 Colleges and Universities. For sure, learning how to start Internet business correctly means everything to the bottom line!

(2)Today, there are so many technical twists and turns (SEO) one must include on each built and then revised page of your website that meeting this challenge (and keeping up with ever changing requirements) is enough to drive you mad.

Your research and then the application of these requirements to your site take an enormous amount of time…and you still may not get it right. SBI does this all for you. This feature is paramount as you start a online business.

(3)A key to positioning your intended online company is your selection of the business niche that provides you with the best opportunity to earn significant income. The identification and the comparison of the keywords you’ll use for your site’s development is very, very important. Not all keywords are the same. You must know

(A) how often they are searched for by Internet users,

(B) what dollar value does AdWords give them,

(C) will they be profitable or not,

(D) do the keywords compliment your site’s theme and

(E) how many keywords should be placed on a page and where should they be placed is so very important.

Of course, SBI holds your hand and guides you through these most important steps. (4)For your site to be ranked high by the Search Engines inbound or backlinks to your website are paramount. However, determining which inbound links and from whom is a make or break, determining factor in your site’s ranking. SBI helps dramatically in this process.

 (4) You want to start a Web-based company in order to make money.

How you monetize  (make money) will determine how much income you achieve.

It would be a shame to put in all the time necessary to get your site ranked high but them fail to take advantage of it because you failed to monetize properly.

In this area, SBI is invaluable.

There are other factors that account for having your site ranked high by the Search Engines: your blog, your FaceBook company page, your Twitter account and a host of other Social Media integration into your site. SBI does it all!!

And the Best Part Is…

SBI costs only $29.99 per month or $299 per year including hosting. There are never any add ons, no up charges, no extras and no fee increases. (Be sure to read this again!)

SBI has never raised its price.

SBI has all the easy to apply tools to build a website that is also a profitable concern.

Plus, SBI continues to add new tools and provide easy to understand guides for implementing them...never at an extra charge!!

SBI is truly all inclusive!


Answer to Wordpress Issues

Start a Online Business The Right Way

To summarize.

There is a right way and a wrong way to start a online business. The right way leads to income. The wrong way…not so much.

You’ll spend a great deal of time starting a online business website.

Do you want it to work?

Or, will you be happy by spending $10 a month plus a whole lot more purchasing the tools you’ll need just to “hopefully” have an income trickle in?

Solo Build It shows you Absolute Proof of what you can achieve using the methodology taught in Colleges and Universities.

Wishing you all success.

Thank you for visiting  Start a Online Business.

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