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Start a Credit Repair Business

Why start a credit repair business?

Profitability is huge, consumer credit repair is a growth industry and the business is easy to learn and to market.

We'll help you get started.

If Susan Can Do It You Can Do It

Susan, from Covington, Kentucky, went to a two year collage learn to become a chef. After graduating and in her first job, she decided the irregular hours and being on her feet all day was not her thing.

She felt her calling in life was to help people. Her parents raised her well and she was thankful. She knew they had had a rough time making ends meet and had carried a debt load through much of their married life.

She searched the Internet using topics like, “repair my credit,” debt free consolidation,” and “how to start your own credit repair business.”

The one fact that impressed her the most was that earning $5,000 to $25,000 per month is fairly routine in this business.

So she decided to start a credit repair business.

Susan had two hurdles.

  1. She had to learn the profession
  2. She needed to know how to market it successfully spending little money

Learning the Consumer Credit Repair Business

To start your own hunt for professional knowledge about the credit repair business  I suggest three resources:

1) an online course for around $180 given by the Credit Consultants Association.

2) go to your public library (or Amazon for $12 t0 $14) and read the book "American Bar Association Guide to Credit & Bankruptcy

3) read the report, "Options for Consumers in Crisis."  This can be found at http://www.americanfaircreditcouncil.org

Now, Susan felt ready to begin her business journey.

Marketing on a Skimpy Budget

Susan’s Low Cost Marketing Efforts

  • She arranged public speaking events using her local library, community college, churches, non-profits, Rotary Club, etc. You get the idea.
  • She had an art student design high-end business cards and a sharp looking black and white company brochure listing the “benefits” of using her company.
  • She gave out her business cards to everyone with a 5 second blurb about her company. Everyone mean the mailman, the baker and the candlestick maker…everyone!
  • She used her company name for her email address.
  • Lastly, she called on banks, credit unions, savings and loans, mortgage brokers, realtors and car dealerships to obtain names/addresses of people turned down for loans.

Susan’s 12 Businesses In One

Each of her services could really stand as a separate company. This is a major reason that her company is so profitable.

They are:

1. Credit Fraud Repair

2. Credit Card Debt

3. Debt Management

4. Credit Report Repair

5. Divorce Debt

6. Bankruptcy

7. Update Credit History

8. Foreclosures

9. How to Fix Your Credit

10. Mortgage Credit Repair

11. Credit Myths

12. Counseling

It has been 3-years since Susan began and she is doing very, very well!

Thank you for visiting How to Start a Credit Repair Business Successfully.

Additional Small Business Ideas

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