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Start A Computer Repair Business
What Type & What Services

When you start a computer repair business two decisions are critical:

  • Where will you start?
  • What services to offer?

The answers, of course, will depend on your financial resources and skill level. We’ll explore your options here.

What Type to Start

Here are the four options for your computer repair business.

  1. Computer Repair Service at Home:  Obviously, your overhead is almost zero except for advertising. When a request for service is received (telephone, text or email), an appointment is scheduled with the client and you travel to them. Your home serves as your repair shop when necessary.
  2. Online Computer Repair:  Actually, this is a growing aspect of the computer service and repair business. There are multiple repair programs available that will allow you to go remotely into your client’s computer, while she or he is watching you, to repair a variety of computer operating problems.
  3. Mobile Computer Fix-It:  Your car or van is your base of operations. It’s your office and repair shop. Your Smartphone is your connection to the outside world. A major advantage you now have over your competitors is your opportunity to make cold calls to small and medium-sized businesses to explain your skills and services. When not on a service call, your time is wisely spent on marketing.
  4. Computer Service and Repair Shop:  Generally, a location is selected in a strip center where 4 to 6 retail businesses are or in a neighborhood business district. A thousand sq, ft. to fifteen hundred sq. ft. is usually enough space for repairs and for a retail display of refurbished products for sale. Here, your overhead is much higher with rent, utilities, signage and potential staffing beyond yourself.

Your final choice may depend on the number of competitors you can identify.

Even though computers, in all their formats, have been around for some time, the sheer number of them continues to offer significant service and repair opportunities.

What Services to Offer

Your skill level will determine what fix-it services to offer when you start a computer repair business. If you’re a Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer the scope of service options offered to the public will be expansive.

A computer repair business services menu must be understandable by the general public or you’ll have little business. No techie language is allowed in any communication with them.

Here is a potential fix-it menu that most potential customers will recognize.

My computer:

  • Keeps freezing on start up

  • Starts slow
  • Takes forever to load
  • Is unbootable
  • Is infected with a virus
  • Will not send message to my printer
  • Keeps asking me to do virus scans and buy a product to remove them
  • Will not load software
  • Will not Network with my other one
  • Lost what I was working on and I need to get it back

In addition you may also perform computer upgrades, game console repair, cleaning, consulting of every description and even sell new products and trade-ins.

Really, this is such a fascinating opportunity with solid potential to generate revenue from a variety of sources.

Start A Computer Repair Business
Training Resources

Here are 2 fully researched training and “how-to” resources for your consideration.

The Computer Repair Manual: A very reasonable priced “how to fix” ebook. This will give you great confidence in your ability to respond to your customer’s help requests.

The Computer Repair Mastery Course: A gem of a resource for those who are serious about computer repair performance, as you start your computer repair business opportunity. A real winner.

Helpful Professional Resources

Association of Independent Computer Specialists

Association of Computer Repair Business Owners

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