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Starting a
Staging A Home To Sell

Once you learn about and put your decorating instincts to work, a staging a home to sell business is indeed a golden opportunity. It's one of the new, fast growing home-based businesses of the decade.

I share my personally recommended can’t miss learning the home staging business courses. They are low in cost and, most importantly, when followed can lead you to significant income by boosting your business sales well over your competitors.

This is so true. I built a highly profitable decorating company (please see About Me) following the step-by-step real life experiences of these authors. I simply could not have been so successful without learning how they started and grew successfully their staging a home to sell business.

Starting Your Home Staging Business

In getting my company off the ground, I spent about $2,500 although you may do it for less.

Here are the initial steps I took.

  • I acquired and studied every one of the resources found below. Yes, it did cost me some money. However, I probably saved a bundle of dollars and a heck of a lot of time by not reinventing the wheel and avoiding costly mistakes.
  • My neighbor designed an upscale business card and a sharp 4-color brochure listing the benefits of using my business in staging a home for quick sale. Yes, I probable spent more on this step than I should but making a solid first impression, I felt, was more than worth it.
  • I visited every realtor office in my area and hosted an in-office sandwich and salad lunch at which I talked about how my company would benefit them in suggesting to their sellers the potential of using my skills in selling their home. This was an excellent source of referrals.
  • For the next 3-months, I concentrated on speaking before any and every women’s group I could fine. Every group needs program speakers and, well, here I am. I talked about how home staging could benefit a homeowner who wanted to sell their home.
  • Today, I would have started a company website in order to spread the word of my undertaking faster and further. When I had my staging a home to sell business, hardly any one had heard of the Internet. Now, who uses phone books anymore?

The above networking and speaking engagements produced a steady inquiries for me. Each month, I continued to speak to small groups. I even held a class at the local public library.

Superior Helpful Resources to Learn the Home Staging Business

For the serious entrepreneur who wants to prosper when starting a home to sell business, I fully endorse each of the following ebooks. The residential staging profession is such a golden opportunity! Here’s how you do it right!

  1. Home Decorating Made Easy

Valuable Professional Resources

Real Estate Staging Association

Small Business Administration

Additional Home Business Ideas

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