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Small Home Business Ideas
Success and Confidence Building

Searching for and finding small home business ideas may get your blood flowing. But, finding one that is low in cost, proven to work and one that you have confidence in that will be worth the effort is another thing.

Starting a business from home is exciting.

But that excitement is not long lasting once you decide on a start up opportunity and make one or two costly mistakes in getting it off the ground.

Many ideas for a home business sound great…and they are.

However, your chance for success and confidence building will leap if you choose a home business idea that another entrepreneur has also started, been successful at growing and has written a step-by-step how to start guide which you can choose to follow.

Life is hard enough so why reinvent the wheel, so to speak, in starting your own home business?

Smart Small Home Business Ideas with Start-up Guides

 Party Planning

Practically every medium to large sized business and organization gives themed parties. Many of these contract out to party specialists because they do not have the time or expertise.

If you can handle detail, are creative and want to set the scene for festive fun, I suggest you consider this very low costing business.

Selling on eBay

Chances are you know someone who has sold something on eBay. Did you know that thousands of folks do this full or part time and make a bundle?

If you have a camera (in your cell phone) and can post your photos on the Internet, you’re practically in business.

Now, you need two elements.

  1. Product from yard/garage sales or new products to sell from a wholesaler.
  2. Knowledge of what works best to bring the most dollars per item posted back to you.

Here are two simply outstanding resources to make this happen. Following their advice actually makes your business a whole lot of fun and, oh, so very profitable.

Carl Ferraro’s Powerseller Pro eBay Course and Jim Cockrum’s Silent Sales Machine on eBay are both enthusiastically recommended.

Tutoring Students

You would be very surprised by the need for good tutors in all academic and vocational fields. If you have a desire to really make a difference in a child’s confidence and learning ability, please look into why this makes my list of great small home business ideas.

This resource, Learning to be a High Paid Tutor explains how to start and grow your tutoring opportunity.

Start an Online Business

Oh my, you say, I don’t know how to do that!

Two years ago I didn’t either. In fact I still, even today, can only search the Internet and send an email.

But, I am building this website! And, I have no clue about all the technical stuff required by the Search Engines to get found by Web searchers. (And, you found my website!)

This is also the truth: I had no idea, absolutely none, about what business I could start that would enable me to make a significant income.

Then, I came across a company called Site Build It. My life has changed forever!!!

They led me through the process of selecting an online business in the best niche for me, provided all the easy to understand tools necessary to build and market it, all the while they were taking care of all the teckie stuff.

Later, I found out that over 40,000 entrepreneurs use Site Build It and its methodology is taught in over 30 colleges and universities.

This is surely worth at least some of your time to investigate the opportunities available to earn an income on the Internet.

Baking Dog Treats

Most states do not have regulations that prohibit the making of food/treats for dogs out of your home. Nothing is to good for my pet is a basic family value. They are part of our family.

Knowing how to take advantage of this desire is the key to your effort.

Karen Freeman has an international known ebook called How to Start a Gourmet Dog Treat Business. This is another one of the proven low cost money making small home business ideas.

Thank you for visiting Small Home Business Ideas.

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