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How to Judge a
Small Business Website Builder

Small Business Website Builder enhances your ability to judge which website hosting and building system best meets your needs, as you develop an ecommerce website.

You must know this up front.

Any system you chose must meet the “will it work” test and not just a slick marketing presentation designed to suck you in and get your money.

Otherwise, why would you want to invest your time and money in any system that can not show you "proof" that their small business website builder system works?


Key:   Make a "Business Website"


Not a Regular Website

The key to your success is:

Finding a system that allows you to build a business website, with a methodology that lets you rank in the top 3% of all websites; that is, being found on page 1or page 2 of the Search Engines.

Failing this ranking, you’re just wasting your time and money.

Want Proof?

When was the last time you went to page 3, page 4 or pages 5 through 12,739,937?

This is why 99% of all websites are lucky, yes lucky to get found.

This is not you.

So, don’t get sucked in with website building systems that do not show you “proof” that their website building mythology will let you achieve a high Search Engine ranking.

Such a ranking draws more traffic to your site, thus allowing you to make more money with your business website.

Another key to the small business website builder you select is, do they “want” you to chat with existing webmasters who have used their website building methodology “prior” to you agreeing to sign up with their system?

You want to get the low down from real people who have used that methodology “prior” to spending your dollars. This is a key to choosing a credible company that allows you to build an effective website.

Why Spend Dollars on a Small Business Website Builder
That Doesn’t Show You PROOF
That You Can Make Money?

Your bottom line is to make a website that earns you money. Period.

The question is “how much.”

While there is no guarantee, you want to build your website with reasonable assurance you can make money.

The right methodology to use in creating your website does the following:

  • Guides you in selecting the right site concept and positions it in the Web marketplace correctly to allow you to make money

  • Identifies targeted keywords with just the right amount of competition, visitor demand and earning potential

  • Identifies Affiliate Marketing sources to let you earn higher income
  • Has a marketing methodology that draws traffic to your website so you earn more revenue
  • Provides site design options to enhance the appeal of your website
  • Guides you step-by-step in building your website even if you have ZERO knowledge of how to do this
  • Shows you exactly how to get ranked in the top 3% of all websites
  • Includes Social Media channels and a Mobile format at no additional cost
  • Includes a host of marketing tools for your Site, all included in the price

The bottom line for you is that you need to have any small business website builder show you PROOF and RESULTS of using their methodology in guiding you to build a business website. Period.

None of these Website Building Systems
Show You Proof that they Work

Free Small Business Website Builder Systems:

  1. Google Sites
  2. DevHub
  3. Yola
  4. Wix
  5. SnaPages

6.   Webstarts

7.   Get Shopped

8.   Webnode

9.   Weebly

10. Jimbo

For Profit Small Business Website Builders:

  1. Handzon: Their basic e-Commerce package costs $19.96 per month plus many extra charges for additional services.
  2. Big Website Builder: Their Pro Package is $65 per month.
  3. DoodleKit: Their Premium Plan Website Design Package is $99 per month.
  4. Site2You: Their Premium Plan is $49.95 per month with extra charges for extra services.
  5. Moonfruit: Their normal price for their Reseller Package is $50 per month

Suggested Solution
To Building an Effective Business Website

The company I use in building my websites attracted me to it for the reasons listed below. I recommend that you consider including this company in your search for what best fits your situation.

This is what attracted me:

SBI! Proof
  1. Does not advertise.
  2. Over 40,000 entrepreneurs use this company to build their websites.
  3. This company’s methodology is taught in over 30 universities and colleges. NO other system has ever been taught at the College or University level.
  4. For $29.99 per month or $299 annually, everything is included (all inclusive), all the tools you’ll ever need to build a top rated and revenue producing business website.
  5. There is never a price increase and no up charges or hidden fees.
  6. The name of this high performance company is Solo Build It (SBI), the company I used to build this website. (And you found me!)
  7. Yes, they show you PROOF and RESULTS that other website building companies can’t.
  8. (If you have a Wordpress built website which has not met your expectations, you easily can turn it into a "business" website to exceed your goals.)

I hope this helps you determine how best to judge any small business website builder in order to select one that is right for you.

Thank you for visiting How to Judge A Small Business Website Builder.

As part of my mission to pay it forward, if I may assist you in any way (for free) in developing any online or offline business, please just click on my picture above.

This is an honest offer and no way is it designed to get you to spend your money.

I will never sell you anythingf!!!

I look forward to helping.

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