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Small Business Ideas For Women
Creative and Lucrative

Tired of clicking on all the lackluster small business ideas for women websites that show you traditional mundane business ideas for women? Want something different?

Those other websites are discouraging especially since they seldom provide information on how to start even what they are suggesting.

Well, I’m changing that!

How about seeing a smart list of business ideas that are a little different; ones that you can start from your home and that you can get excited about?

As an  entrepreneur, I know the value of having help from people who have experience in the venture I was starting. I sought them out, asked for their help and picked their brains.

It helped with my confidence. They provided a road map. Off I went.


Creative Small Business Ideas for Women

Bring out your creative spirit; the joy of using your mind and hands to design and build a great home income opportunity.

Make and Sell Gift Baskets

Your eyes will be opened if you think this idea for women is stale or musty.

Sherry Miller will get your juices flowing.

She brings superb creative excitement to her gift basket products that practically sell themselves.

Sherry is well known, smart and addresses your questions about making eye-popping custom gift baskets and marketing them successfully.

Make and Sell Candy Bouquets

Lana Glass has a whole series edible creation ebooks that, as my cousin would say, “will knock your socks off.”

You simply cannot imagine how this opportunity will satisfy the gift-giving market. Something that is truly special and not the ordinary flower or a box of candy thing.

Lana provides a ton of creative “how-to-design-and-make” and “how-to-start-and-sell” information that is second to none in this highly creative and excellent opportunity.

Faux and Decorative Wall Painting

You’re seeing more and more homeowners enhancing the value of their home by faux painting an entrance foyer and accenting one or more walls with decorative art painting.

It’s not a fad; this seems to be the case in many homes valued at the $300,000 or more.

Problem is, homeowners have trouble-finding people to do the work. Having such a service can prosper greatly.

The Internet has a host of "how to do it" websites.

Lucrative Small Business Ideas for Women

Participating in Surveys, Focus Groups and More

You probably won’t make a fortune, but surly your income will get a boost by being a mystery shopper, taking surveys, evaluating movie trailers, evaluating consumer products and more. Women really enjoy doing these activities…and they get paid well to do so.

Please consider these fine resources:

Tutoring in Your Home

This is one of those can’t miss small business ideas for women. More and more parents are seeking tutors for their children. They won’t skimp on educating their children. Learning to be a High Paid Tutor is well worth this small investment as you start this valuable service in your community.

Don’t Overlook Starting an Import/Export Service

Tim Smith, a well-known authority on importing and exporting says that you need no experience to start.

In fact, he lays out significant info on “how-to-start” and prosper through importing and exporting, all from your home.

You may be surprised to learn how easy it is to get in this opportunity and the rewards that it offers.

Everybody Wants an eBay Business

Who hasn’t heard of eBay? Who hasn’t thought about making money on eBay? Well, this is a top work from home Internet opportunity. Yes, you can make the big bucks. All you need to do is to follow the lead of the experts.

Here ia an expert on making money-using eBay. It makes cents to start your eBay venture by picking the brains of those who will show you how.

  • Jim Cockrum’s Silent Sales Machine ebook is an eBay “how-to-start” favorite known the world over. This is another can’t miss opportunity for you learn how to prosper on eBay.

I hope you can see why Small Business Ideas for Women is not like many of the fluff websites found on the Web.

You’ll find literally dozens more of the best home based business opportunities on my website by going to this List of Small Business Ideas.

As part of my Pay It Forward philosophy, please know that I will counsel you for free (this is no come-on) to help you get started. Please just click on my photo above.


Thank you for visiting Small Business Ideas for Women.

Helpful Professional Associations

U.S. Small Business Administration: Thinking of Starting a Business?

Additional Small Business Ideas for Women

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