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Self Employment Jobs

Using Your Retirement Skills
Earn Significant Income

Self employment jobs for retirees have become more of a necessity in the past few years.

Ideas are offered here for the best retirement businesses.

That is, the best self employment opportunities that provide the greatest financial return for the amount of effort and investment dollars that you want to spend.

This is what I know.

What's important now is to sustain your financial future without causing you undo stress and feeling "tied to the job." You've been there and done that.

Now, this is your life; your life to balance more equitably time for you and your family and time for the job.

This is where I found myself a short few years ago.

I wanted to still contribute. I also wanted to earn significant income commensurate with my effort. It is A-OK to work hard; I just didn’t want it again to be my life.

I considered multiple self employment jobs when I retired.

After searching about, I decided to focus on my passion to help others start and grow their own online or offline company. My clients, now good friends, are operating each of the self employment jobs outlined below.

The links provided within each of these short descriptions will lead you to “how-to-start” resources where others share their business start up experiences.

Retirement Self Employment Jobs: Offline

Vending Machine

There is probably no easier small business idea than starting a vending machine business. Literally, almost every consumable product is now available via vending.

Securing vending locations continues to be to your advantage. I find vending machines in the most unlikely locations: outside buildings, in parking lots and even in specialty shops of every description.

The product mark-ups (margins) are great and your income is what is referred to as a “cash cow.”

Dog Training

There are so many great dog-training opportunities particularly in the suburbs. Pets are family. With busy parenting and work schedules the need for people who train dogs is growing.

There is a significant amount of “how-to-train” info available for you to follow. An older woman or man has instant credibility as a coach or trainer. This is also a very, very good part time job.

Just a note:

As part of my mission in life to Pay It Forward as partial payment to all those who helped me in my businesses, I offer free counseling. This is not a come-on or a trick to get you to buy something.


This is a sincere offer. I just want to help those looking to start and market both online and offline businesses. Just click on my picture above.

Credit Repair

People from every walk of life have had some tough times in the last few years. Many need help in freeing themselves from debt, improving their Fico Score, rebuilding credit, etc.

Actually, the credit repair business is 12 businesses in 1 and should be one of the seriously considered self employment jobs in your retirement.

Bookkeeping Service

A bookkeeper generally is not in competition with an accountant. Why? You only charge $35 or $40 per hour rather than their $75 to $125 per hour.

And, most importantly, many, many small mom and pop retail and food service stores need such help. At your bookkeeping prices, your marketing effort should capture as many clients as you want time to devote to your business.


Every retiree has marketable skills. Make a list of yours, decide what areas you have proven experiences in and then set out to market yourself. Following these 5 marketing strategies should help in getting you started down the right profitable road.

Small Business Marketing Service

Most every small company owner has little clue about how to market his or her business and to which specific customers. They all want to spend as little money as possible but earn enough income to retire early.

Your marketing service can show a client how to identify their market better, how to differentiate their company from competitors and achieve increased sales and profit.

Here is a powerful resource to aid your effort.

Magnetic Marketing Systems Kit: A resource for serious consideration

Retirement Self Employment Jobs: Online

Start an Online Retail Business

You need not have any knowledge of website building. However, you must be able to follow simple step-by-step instructions to achieve what over 40,000 other entrepreneurs have: a business that gets found by visitors and achieve high Search Engine ranking.

Oh, and over 30 Colleges and Universities also teach how to do this too using a program that I use to build my online businesses.

Here are extremely helpful resources:

How to Create My Own Website

Start an Online Business

How to Judge a Small Business Website Builder

Start a Business on eBay

Thousands upon thousands of people have an eBay business. Simply, they sell items of every description using eBay. People will buy anything. An eBay company may be your path to both fun and major profits.

Learning how to begin your business the right way will enhance your income significantly.

Sell Crafts Online

The Internet is literally your marketplace to the world. Anyone, anywhere, who can read English may see and purchase your crafts.

A great “business” website (not just a website) can generate a truly satisfying income when your focused and know how to build a high ranking website.

Online Tutoring

Again, the power of the Internet coupled with your knowledge and desire to teach, coach or tutor is one of the self employment jobs you should give consideration to.

In today’s world, children learn over a computer. They and their parents look on the Internet (and not the phone book) for a tutoring solution. Having a Website built right gets you that contact.

Professional Retirement Resources


Retirement Living News

National Institute On Retirement

Additional Small Business Ideas

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