Search Engine Optimization Rules For Success

There is so much stuff on the Web about the search engine optimization rules needed to achieve a high search engine ranking.

Here, we cut through all the noise and provide a clear, understandable and proven path for you to achieve a top 1% to 3% ranking among all websites in the world on search engines.

5 Search Engine Optimization Rules

  1. Honest Original FREE Information

    Web searchers seek solid information to answer their search inquiry. They want a solution to a problem. They want to understand it.

    The first "rule" is to provide content for your visitor. If your visitor likes what you have to say then the Search Engines will notice and move you up in the Results pages.

    Search Engines apply multiple online factors to determine how real or authentic your site content is. The key factor is how your visitor reacts to what you say.

    Building trust and credibility with your visitor is #1.

    If your visitor clicks on several of your site's pages then that's good. If not, then that's bad.

    So write for your visitor first and not what you think the search engines want to know.

  2. Position Your Intended Online Business Correctly

    Some entrepreneurs still don't get it.

    Search Engine optimization rules dictate the following:

    "Once you have selected the right online business, you must find the perfect way to position your business in the marketplace so that it gets found by Web searchers.

    You must select a niche with high search demand, low online competition and reasonable potential profitability."

    Most entrepreneurs stumble through this phase of SEO.

    And rightly so. It is very time consuming to research all the pieces needed to get your business positioned right in order to beat your competition. Most just do what sounds right to them.

    SBI! Tools This leads to failure. Failure before you even get started.

    I use the Brainstorm It function of Site Build It (SBI).

    This most valuable tool holds your hand and leads you to choose the right keyword niche for your business.

    When you position your business correctly you will have mastered one of the search engine optimization rules correctly.

    More importantly, you're on your way to developing a business website rather than a website looking for business. Your bank account will love you!

  3. Select the Best Keywords for Your Business Niche

    Most webmasters rely on Google and WordTracker to find what they consider the best keywords to use in building their website.

    Both give you the number of monthly searches for keywords but fail to fully identify specific competitors who also use those keywords.

    It's like starting a business without knowing who your competition is and without knowing your profitability potential.

    Again, because you do not want to make costly mistakes, please consider using the Brainstorm It function of SBI. Their scientific and proven approach to helping you find the correct keywords for your site is sure worth the small price.

    Building your Internet business to move ahead of your competition is one of the keys of the Search Engine optimization rules for success.

  4. Choose the Perfect Domain Name

    Entrepreneurs ofter overlook the importance of this function of the Search Engine optimization rules.

    Many pick their domain name because it sounds cool. This is wrong.

    You must do the research to select a domain name that best reflects the positioning of your business niche in the marketplace.

    Everything in SEO must flow together. There's a logic to it. Just doing what you do randomly leads to certain failure.

    For example. Let's say the thrust of your business is the "marketing of carrots."

    With that in mind, now you must research what domain names best suits what you want to achieve in the marketplace taking into account your competitors.

    So you'll need to research marketing carrots, carrot marketing, selling carrots, carrot selling, carrot wholesaling, wholesaling carrots, retail marketing of carrots, supermarket carrot marketing, etc.

    The time you must take to get this right is so very important. A wrong move here means doom. Here again SBIs Brainstorm It will work wonders. It does the research for you.

  5. The Importance of LINKS

    The importance of link building in the Search Engine optimization rules you need for success should not be underplayed.

    But, there is a smart way to go about this.

    It's not the quantity of links you have "to each page of your website" but the quality of each link that counts in your sites ranking by search engines.

    Link Building Program Success shows you how and is rather easy to achieve but you should not devote your life to it.

    An excellent rule of thumb is 80% of your effort should be adding more and more excellent keyword pages to your site and 20% to link building.

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