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Opportunities For

Rural Women In Business

Rural women in business? Today, no longer do women who live in rural areas need to feel disenfranchised.

The creativity of women and the Internet give new meaning to a women's ability to contribute financially to the family's income.

The following home based business ideas may offer some guidance.

Examples of Successful Rural Women in Business


Take Mellissa who lives in the middle of nowhere in central Illinois. She and her boyfriend, my cousin, Ted moved there six years ago not having a clue about how to produce an income.

Long story short, she is operating a very successful online business known as Drop Shipping. She sells beekeeping equipment and supplies using a drop shipper, i.e., a company who has the product she is selling. When Mellissa’s customer makes a purchase, the drop shipper delivers the purchase to her using Mellissa’s company name. She has no inventory. She has an online store and earns a good margin (mark up) for each item she sells.

Mellissa knew absolutely nothing about drop shipping or building an effective website. She turned to Solo Build It, just as over 40,000 other entrepreneurs have, to learn the ropes.

By the way, the Solo Build It methodology is taught in over 30 Universities and Colleges which is a true confidence builder for the beginner.


Joan lives in rural Ohio about 72 miles east of Cincinnati. She and her husband farm growing mostly corn and soybeans along with a plot of tobacco.

Joan feels strongly about contributing financially, something “she” does to bring in dollars.

She offers a “Country Living Class” over parts of two days in her home including an overnight stay.

The class is offered as rural farm experiences, with opportunities to drive a tractor, chat about women’s issues, feed the chickens (and collect their eggs), learn about rural living and, of course farming.

She offers the class 32 times during the year at a participant cost of $235 (max 4 per class).

She advertises on Craigslist and gives a couple of talks a month to metropolitan women groups. The rest is by word of mouth.


Joann lives in Western Kentucky about 68 miles east of Paducah on 3.7 acres.She essentially is a self-sustaining farmer growing vegetables, chickens and a small number of goats.

She grew up poor and she and her twin 11 year old sons are still financially poor. Four years ago she and a woman friend decided on a plan to help empower disadvantaged rural women.

They started two programs:

  1. Drawing on the skills of women who are employed by banks within about an 80-mile radius, they set up programs to empower rural women with skills such as basic accounting, purchasing, contracting and analytical decision-making. The only payment requested of participants was to “Pay It Forward” by doing kindness to others.
  2. A volunteer built a website for them where women living in rural areas could offer their craft products for sale. This was eventually turned into a non-profit organization with the focus of obtaining support from churches throughout America.

These two programs are alive and growing.

Free Counseling Available:

As part of my mission in life to help entrepreneurs start any online or offline business they might be considering, I offer free counseling.

This is not some trick, come-on or a way to suck you in for me to sell you something.

Nope. This is a sincere offer to help.

Please just click on my photo above, if I may assist you.


Kishea purposely moved to rural Pennsylvania. She rents a 5-bedroom home a turned it into a bed and breakfast of sorts. She offers a 2-night stay in her home. For $385, the experience for women includes learning about soil enrichment, crop planting, harvesting, sales and product distribution, time management, country living, canning and pie-making.

This rural women in business opportunity is transferable to other rural areas of the U. S.

There is ample time for participants to bond with one another. After a slow start, Kishea now hosts up to 8-women at a time. This year she is on track to have close to 250 women attend her programs

Helpful Business Information

Small Business Administration


Income opportunities for rural women in business only appear limited by not thinking outside traditional business ideas. As we have seen, being creative, even what may be call unique, may mean opportunity.

Thank you for visiting Opportunities for Rural Women in Business.

Additional Small Business Ideas

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