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Retirement Businesses
Rare And Surprising Income Opportunities

Unusual money making retirement businesses are alive and well when considering the best self employment businesses for you.

Just because the ideas for self employment listed below may seem a little off-the-wall, let me assure you that this is absolutely not the case when it comes to enjoyment and fattening your bank account.

One of the great realities about being retired is your ability to now change directions and work at what you want to do, at your own pace and in the time allotment of your choosing,

I apply this to my life in retirement with my counseling of entrepreneurs who desire to start and grow their own small business.

When my schedule gets to filled, when I feel that my business is crowding out my family life, I put the brakes on and do not accept new clients.

Having this option is a pure joy!

Suggested Retirement Busineses

Breeding Bunnies For Fun, Meat and Profit

If you live where zoning permits the breeding of rabbits then this is your life-changing lucky day. Breeding healthy rabbits is fun according to Sarah who lives outside Birmingham, Alabama. She started her company after reading this informative resource. She has never looked back.

Electronic Repairs

Picking the brains of folks who show you how to fix expensive items makes sense. This excellent “how-to-do-repair” resources will get you started.

This is an ideal part time work from home opportunity: sewing machine repair.

Drop Shipping

Another name for drop shipping is “having an online retail store.” You use the Internet to get customers to click on your online store to buy your products.

You carry no inventory. But you contract with a product distributor to ship your product (which they have on site) to your customer using the name of your company.

Tons of money is being made by entrepreneurs who, even though they have no experience, learn to build a great website using a company called Solo Build It. (I used SBI to build this site and I didn’t know a darn thing about website building.)

Again, having your own online retail store is worthy of serious consideration.

Thank you for visiting Retirement Businesses: Rare and Surprising Business Opportunities

Just a note:

As part of my mission in life to Pay It Forward as partial payment to all those who helped me in my businesses, I offer free counseling. This is not a come-on or a trick to get you to buy something.


I will never try to sell you anything!

This is a sincere offer. I just want to help those looking to start and market both online and offline businesses. Just click on my picture above.

Excellent Resources for Retirement Businesses

How to make an Online Retirement Business

Additional Retirement Business Ideas

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