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Start Your Resume Writing Business
Focus On Results

The objective of your resume writing business is to be found and enter into a contract with a focused group of job hunters.

You must not fall into the trap of being all things to all people when marketing your resume services.

Yes, tons of folks seek credible information and tips for writing a resume; a few know that paying a professional to help places them miles ahead of their competition. This is your market.

However, you are encouraged not to be a generalist in your approach. You will not have many clients.


How to Focus Your Resume Writing Business

Specialization is the path to travel.

This means focusing on one or more relevant niches. These could include:

  1. Federal resume writing services
  2. How to identify the writing objective for resume
  3. Resume writing for Career Change
  4. Student resume writing
  5. Resume writing for teens
  6. Resume writing for nurses, engineers, retail managers, chemists, educators, project managers, etc.
  7. Cover letter resume writing
  8. Get Back into the Market resumes (for seniors/retirees)

The point is, identify the resume skill area best suited to you and develop it.

Valuable “How-to-Start” Resources

These 2 fully researched resources are highly informative and written by experienced businesspeople. I suggest you strongly consider:

  1. This 117-page ebook constructs the steps for you to follow in starting a resume writing business. It is popular and contains credible amounts of solid info.
  2. If you do not have experience in writing a tight, highly focused cover letter, then I whole hardily recommend Phil Baker’s One Click Cover Letter Creator. You’ll find out why business pros follow his guidelines.

Effective Marketing

From personal experience, I have found that the hardest part of starting and growing any business is determining how to market it without spending an arm and a leg.

I’m out there all by myself with all these options for spending money I don’t have.


One advertising option I know absolutely will not work is placing a newspaper ad. I have wasted more dollars than I care to remember with little or no results.

Yellow Pages

One of the highest dollar marketing decisions you will consider is whether to place an ad in the Yellow Pages.

Even though most of my competitors have this ad, I tend to avoid this option. I feel strongly that potential clients who seek your expertise will go directly to the Internet to find a business that will help them. (Please see below)

Cultural Programs

I have a client that has a resume writing business in Sidney, Australia.  He has found success through the placement of small ads in the “Play Bill” of cultural events like the Opera, Orchestra and Ballet. He is now experimenting with ad placement in sporting event programs. His results are inclusive so far.

Human Resource Departments

Often HR offices keep a file of resume writers, out placement services, etc. I suggest contacting “in person” these departments in medium sized companies. Often when employees are let go, they give a file with helpful info. You might as well be included in it.

The MOST Effective Marketing of
Your Resume Writing Business

Hands down and without debate the Internet is your best client finder and your best return for the dollars spent.

There are 2 approaches that I urge you to consider.

  1. Placement of AdWords advertisements on the Google Search Engine is sound. Here you can control your budget and try different approaches. Your ad placement guarantees that when folks click on your ad, they are in the market for your resume writing services.
  2. Build yourself a “business” website and not just an ordinary website. Or you can have the best website builders on the planet build one for you at a very reasonable cost.

I am building this website myself even though I had no clue, zero, none on how to do it. Solo Build It has changed my life forever. They will yours too!

An effective business website will include the most powerful keywords that focus on your resume writing niche.

Your goal here is to be found on page 1.

If you’re not here then you have wasted your time and money.

Here’s proof.

When was the last time you clicked on pages 2, 3 or 4 through 16,937,206?

Solo Build It has all the tools and the PROOF that your Site can rise to the top of the search Engines. (You found my Site, didn’t you?)


Thank you for visiting Start a Resume Writing Business.

Helpful Professional Resources

Professional Association of Resume Writers

The National Resume Writers’ Association

Certified Resume Writers

Career Directors

Additional Small Business Ideas

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