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A Pool Service Business
A Success Story

Why jump in to the pool service business?

The Answer: it is exceedingly profitable, has very low start up costs and is easy to learn what to do and how to do it!

When your pools sparkle your business shines. It is that easy.

Road to Pool Cleaning Business Profits

Karen, a 26-year old from Houston, Texas was marching down the road to nowhere. She hop scotched from job to low wage job with no game plan. Her sense of self worth was dim at best.

While walking home from the bus in April, 3-years ago, she saw a “Help Wanted” sign on the rear window of an old parked (I still don’t believe it still runs) station wagon. Hand painted on its side was “Specify Pool Cleaning.”

So Karen moseyed to the rear of a home to find Harvey (yes, Harvey) down in the pool cleaning its tile. As it turned out, Harvey has been cleaning pools for nearly 37 years using the same methods he started with, elbow grease.

Well, Karen started to work that very day.

After more than a month of bone weary exhausting work, Karen finally badgered Harvey enough that he bought a basic pool cleaning kit off a Craigslist seller that Karen discovered for negotiated price of $941.

The moral of the story is that a pool service business may be started on a shoestring budget. A pool cleaning business starter kit that Harvey purchased included:

  • A leaf skimmer
  • Two algae brushes
  • A remote control robotic in ground pool cleaner
  • A robotic pool wall scrubber
  • A couple of pool test kits
  • An assortment of chemicals

Why Start a Pool Service Business

In the U. S., according to the Association of Pool & Spa Professionals, there are approximately 371,000 in ground pools and 4,993,000 above ground pools. The growth rate is 6% and 9% respectively.

This is a strong growth rate translating into a growing need for quality and knowledgeable people who want to start a pool cleaning business.

Pool Service Business
Maintenance Activities

Obtaining weekly pool maintenance contracts is the result of knocking on doors and becomes the backbone of your business. In other words, building your company requires developing personal one on one relationships.

Basic services may include:

Water analysis and treatment

Clean pool of leaves and other debris

Clean pump strainer and skimmer basket

Clean exposed pool tiles

Clean handrails, diving board, steps, if any of sun tan lotion film

Clean pool deck area

Backwash sand filters

Fill chlorine feeder

Additional services like vacuuming the pool bottom and sides, exchanging cartridges, if any, and repairing the pool or pool equipment may be made available to your clients through service packages offered at various additional charges.

The point is two-fold.

First, offer a range of services that differentiate your pool service business from your competitors.

Second, make sure the job you do is the very best that you can do. Talk to your clients. Keep them informed on a one-on-one basis. Your objective is to build relationships for repeated business and for referrals.

Free Counseling Available:

My mission is to Pay It Forward. I will bring my 40 years of experiences to assist you for free as you consider starting any online or offline business.

This is not a trick, a come-on or something to get you to buy stuff. Nope. This is a sincere offer to help. Period.

I will never try to sell you something.

Just click on my photo if I may assist.

Update on Karen and Harvey

Today, Karen owns Specify Pool Cleaning. Harvey works part time with her and otherwise is semi-retired.

Karen has a newer model van, has a special knack in marketing her business. Now she has two other part time employees. She is a no nonsense boss holding strict standards, just like Harvey taught her.

She is in the process of completing the training program for a Certified Pool Maintenance Specialist offered by the Association of Pool & Spa Professionals.

Karen's marketing effort is paying off big time too.

Oh, and Karen has found personal direction in her life and is full of energy, enjoying growing her business to its fullness.


Thank you for visiting A Pool Service Business.

Helpful Professional Resources

The Association of Pool & Spa Professionals

U. S Small Business Administration

Independent Pool and Spa Service Association

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