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Take Online Surveys For Cash

Taking online surveys for cash is an ideal part time job to make money online.

From personal experience, after wasting huge amounts of time, I finally learned how to take free surveys for money in a cost effective manner.

The key is simply to find the right free surveys paying the most to make it worth your time invested. Period.

Here are the results of what I learned.

Following my suggestions will make it easier for you boost your income without getting sucked into scams, wasting your time or trying to reinvent-the-wheel.

I share this information with you with the hope that you will be able to make some money without falling into traps or having to learn the process through your own experiences only. Hopefully I will be able to save you time and frustration.

What I Learned

  1. Taking online surveys for cash is a legitimate money making opportunity.
  2. Scammers abound in the online survey taking business. Anyone can set up a fake survey and make an attempt to suck you in revealing info about yourself that is not necessary, in order to take advantage of you.
  3. Please do NOT just search the Web casually looking for a survey to take. You take too much risk in doing this.
  4. It is nearly impossible to do background checks on the hundreds of survey sites on the Internet. Are they legit? Will they pay you when they say they will...really?.
  5. You waste tons of time filling out survey applications. Why? A legitimate free survey firm (there never is a charge for taking online surveys for cash) will send a survey to you only if you match the demographic they are looking for. So, it is best for you to match your attributes to potential survey organizations. Here's an example. Wanted: survey takers who are right handed, under 5 feet tall, who wear bifocals, are under the age of 40 and live in northern Utah.

Why Should I Pay Someone Just for Me to Find Surveys

Because, this is the best way to make more money with less effort and less risk than trying to reach your financial goal by yourself!

You may want to look into the

Rules for picking the right survey income opportunities.

You want to work with survey companies that have an excellent track record, that are respected and, therefore, attract the best corporations to list with them in seeking your opinions.

The bottom line is, spending $30 cash or so on each of 3 or 4 excellent survey membership sites can return your investment in yourself many fold.

To make a good income you need to find not only the best paid survey but 12 to 15 or even 25 of them.


Making money for surveys means signing up with several survey companies so that you "find" enough surveys to take..."that pay well."

The Best "Researched" Survey Membership Site
Listing Online Surveys for Cash

Remember, there is no better investment for success than picking the fruit from others who have learned from their experiences and are willing to share. Here is my suggested survey membership site recommendation.

Surveys 4 Checks

This is the best of the best.

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