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Become An Online Juror
For Hire

Become an online juror? You got to be kidding me!

No I'm not.

A trial consultant, that is another descriptive name, is an everyday citizen picked by any of several companies to serve on a "mock jury." You serve as an online juror where you read a case and then provide feedback on what you think. It's that simple! Oh, and you get paid!

Why are Online Jurors Needed

Smart attorneys never want to go before a real jury without knowing what real people who may sit on a jury think about their case. Attorneys hire mock jury firms to gather a pool of qualified individuals that reside in the area where the trial will be held to give them such feedback.

Generally, opinions from up to 50 mock jurors may be sought and each one will be paid a fee to do so. It is far easier and less expensive to gather such opinions using the Internet rather than searching for and bringing together people to a single location.

Sometimes attorneys want opinions from people prior to even taking a case. Under this circumstance, they draft mock arguments for both sides of the issue and set this before mock jurors.

In huge cases, it is even possible that an online mock jury focus group may be formed.

You are paid in all situations.

 Why Become an Online Juror

It's exciting.

The experience is just like being in a real live mystery, except that you're never in danger. You are the sleuth searching for the truth.

You follow the plot by studying the arguments presented in what is called a "Brief" written by one or more attorneys. Sometimes you are able to ask questions.

Your job is not to solve the crime but to determine if the facts presented to you prove that either the plaintiff, the person, government or corporation has proved it's case to you or whether the defendant, the person or identity being charged has made its case that they are not guilty.

Qualifications Required to be a Juror

There is nothing unusual about being qualified except, because this has to do with the court system, you must have no criminal record, be at least 18 years of age (some states the age of 21 is required), be of good character and sound mind and, finally, not be employed in any aspect of the legal field.

Where to Find Juror Jobs

First of all, it is important to understand that you need to apply to all of these firms, not just one or two.


You are only eligible to serve as a mock juror when a real trial takes place in your area. Different attorneys use different firms. You just want to cover all your opportunities.

The 2 top firms are:

Some Market Research firms also seek mock jurors. I suggest you apply here also:

Helpful Professional Associations

Fully Informed Jury Association

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