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Online Freelance Jobs

An Explanation For Succes

Boost your ability to get online freelance jobs by understanding the how-to-get-them-process and the resources available to support your freelance career.

You’ll also be able to listen to a free webinar that will alter your mindset about marketing yourself more profitably through unusual freelance winning resources.

Starting Out

There are tons of freelance jobs worldwide.

If you want to pursue these competitive opportunities, I suggest you strongly (very strongly) consider:

  1. Learning how to make a super competitive freelance resume
  2. Having a professional website that is also a business (and not just a regular website)
  3. Establishing the value of your skills and experiences

Why are these Important?


Fully 100% of the time your freelance resume is your first knock on the door to getting any job. A reviewer will judge whether it makes the cut in 5 to 10 seconds or less. So learning how to beat the competition in freelance resume writing is paramount.

Professional Website:

When your freelance resume is place in the “serious candidate for the job” pile, the next step for the job source is to explore your website.

Your Site today will take the place of an initial interview, usually via Skype, if the job is outside your country of residence.

As your window to the job market, please know how to judge any person or firm offering to build a Site for you. You must have a Site that sources can find if they need your services.

Understanding Your Value:

This is also critically important to understand.

Freelancers traditionally use the common Freelance Job Resource sites. However, in my experience the jobs you get from them usually do not pay you what you are worth.

You need to know these traditional job sources so you know what many of your competitors are doing; but not you.

How to price the true value of your service and how to find those freelance jobs is, of course, one of the keys to the success of your freelance career.

A friend introduced this resource to me.

I am so enthused by the methodology presented that I pass it along to you with my highest recommendation.

Traditional Freelance Job Sources

For your own peace of mind, I suggest exploring the job sources listed below. Just type in to the subject line the two sources below and multiple opportunities will appear.

  • Freelance Job Boards: monster.com, freelanceswitch, rentacoder, etc.
  • Freelance Work Exchange: Go Freelance, Guru, Elance, Odesk, etc.

Some of results of your search will list jobs for free but most will not.


I hope this has been useful and you find and win only the best jobs in your career.

Thank you for visiting Online Freelance Jobs.

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