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FREE New Business Consulting
Small Business Counseling Specifically For You

Welcome to Free New Business Consulting.

Is This You?

You want to start a business, either part time or full time...BUT

  • You have little clue what that company should be.
  • You are having difficulty narrowing down just what you want to do.
  • You don’t know how to begin. What’s first? What’s second?
  • You don’t want to make costly time and money mistakes.
  • You are unsure how many $$ it will take to be successful.
  • You know little or nothing about building an effective profitable Web business.

You wish you could talk your ideas though with another small businessperson who’s been in your position many times before.

I am that person. My name is Roger Berger. Possibly, my many experiences may help you on your road to small business profitability.

Over the past 40 years, I have started from scratch many profitable companies and helped multiple entrepreneurs do the same.

Please see About Me.

Please know that my free consultation is genuine and is not a trick or a come-on to get you to buy something. Nope. It is part of my determination to help you and others around the world by Paying It Forward. It's that simple.

For a Free Confidential Consultation Please Contact Me Here

Please note that all fields followed by an asterisk must be filled in.

Along the way dozens of caring individuals have helped me achieve success. I owe them big time and have made a life-long practice of helping others find their personal success, my way of paying it forward.

Success is not always easy. It’s hard work requiring determination and focus, along with experienced, good advice.

If my small business counseling  effort can assist you – even a tiny bit - I’ll be most pleased to do so.

FREE New Business Consulting

After you contact me, we will determine if the best method for me to assist you is

  • through a SKYPE call (anywhere in the world)
  • via email

My Consulting Expertise Is Focused On

  1. Starting an Offline Business: a traditional brick and mortar business
  2. Starting an Online Business (or complimenting an offline business with an effective online presence), which will focus on the most profitable niche of your business idea.
  3. In other words, how will we find the best approach to a profitable, sustainable business.

I believe you will find my small company Internet consulting worthwhile giving you a new perspective in your ability to market your product or service locally, regionally, nationally and/or worldwide.

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Thank you for visiting Free New Business Consulting.

We all benefit by seeking advice from others
Sharing our entrepreneurial experiences
As We
Keep Paying It Forward
To the Benefit of All!

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