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Mystery Shopper Job Opportunities

Free mystery shopper job opportunities? There are!

We will explore secret shopper opportunities, the ones that pay you more money, to help you find the best good-paying opportunities and learn how to become a good mystery shopper who will be potentially hired again and again.

We identify how to be a well-paid mystery shopper and help you learn what really works. We also identify the best mystery shopper companies for you to use to get the jobs you want.

To sum up, being a mystery shopper and getting the good jobs is not as easy as it may appear.

Having said that, we’ll show you how to invest in yourself and come out a winner.

My Neighbor's Cousin Penney's Experience

My neighbor's cousin Penny, who lives in Las Cruces, New Mexico, has been in the mystery  shopper business for years.

In a recent Skype call we discussed her experiences and advice she would give to others who want to earn real dollars in the business.

Penny made three points.

First, it is not easy to be a good mystery shopper. Only the good ones make any real money. For the rest, it’s a part time hobby.

Second, companies who want this service only work through an agency. So, it is important to have an experienced third party recommend the best mystery shopper companies to apply to.

Penny said there are about 200 or so agencies in the U. S., but only roughly 25 that receive contracts from the major retailers.

Third, to be good in this business you must first learn the business from a credible source and then apply to the right mystery shopping companies. She emphasized this point repeatedly.

What Retailers Really Want to Learn from a Secret Shopper

Bottom line: they want the Facts involved in your visit and NOT your opinion.

Mystery shopper job opportunites vary in terms of what a Retailer is looking for. Most want to know about the service their employees provided you.

They will provide you with a checklist and other direct response items for you to use in your store visit. This may range from:

  • Did their employee approach you and ask if they could help you without asking you a question that could be answered with a yes or no?
  • Did their employee engage you in “small talk” to make you feel comfortable?

  • Did their employee make “pro-active” up selling (do you want your meal super-sized, for example) and suggest other items that would compliment your initial purchase interest?
  • Did their employee thank you and give you a business card and/or invite you to shop with the store again?

All jobs are different. That’s why training is so very important.

How to Find the Right Mystery Shopper Jobs

Here are literally the finest mystery shopper resources available today. Please, strongly consider obtaining them.

Investing in yourself prior to seeking mystery shopper jobs can significantly increase your chances of obtaining the right job and being paid well!

And the BEST Mystery Shopper Training Program on the market today is given by Beth Mooradian.

With over 10-years of experience, her step-by-step training program will give you not only the needed education and skills to get mystery shopper job opportunities but solid confidence. Yes confidence.

Members of the mystery shopper industry respect Beth’s 230-page ebook and video.

In addition, her extremely low one time fee for the ebook will also get Beth's ongoing personal support for as long as you need it.

Put your skepticism aside. You need to get the right mystery shoppers employment training.

The trick is to find the best mystery shopper companies.

This is a must.

You need to apply to several of these companies. Retailers use different companies for their services.

Competition for premium mystery shopper job opportunities are keen. Applying to multiple secret shopper companies will allow you to get your foot in the door, so to speak.

Once the door is open, the quality of your work will determine future job opportunities.

Thank you for visiting How to Get Free Mystery Shopper Job Opportunities

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