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Extremely Profitable
How to Start My Travel Business

My Travel Business is more profitable, offers more opportunities and is a powerful player in my market.

It is not like the normal home based agent business, online travel agency or a brick and mortar agency.


It's very simple.

I am not an "agent" or "representative" of a trip supplier like cruise lines, tour companies or specialty travel operators. That what traditional travel agents do.

Question: Why do you just want to sell a travel product owned by a large cruise line or a big tour operator?

You do NOT.

So, let's see what you can do to make your own opportunity really profitable.

Let’s make you proud and your bank account fat when you tell your friends, “my travel business” does….

Why Is There No Future in Being a Traditional Travel Agent?

  1. The Internet is filled with traditional online travel agency companies that want you to work as an agent for them selling traditional cruises and tours.
  2. Essentially, they want you to search for, find and make presentations to “groups” of people or individuals to get them to book trips through you so that you and them can earn a commission.
  3. A cruise line or tour company who owns their own brand pays the commission. You earn a pittance (usually 10%), the agency you represent earns another 3-4% and the brand name supplier earns the rest (usually 35% to 40% in gross profit).
  4. You can’t get ahead because you’re essentially doing the same thing everyone else is: selling a trip arrangement owned by someone else.

Why this is Not a Good Way to Start “My Travel Business”

A real opportunity builds a tangible value, or said another way; it builds equity, which has a dollar value that others will pay to you because they want to buy it.

If you work as an agent and earn a small commission for each sale, you have no real company. That is, you can’t sell it to someone else because it has no value.

You, in essence are doing all the hard work to grow someone else’s business.

How fair is this?

So How Do You Build a Hugely Profitable
My Travel Business?

Let’s focus on starting a travel business, your business.

What’s the simple KEY to building your company? A travel company that has equity and is worth $$$ to a potential buyer.

You create your own distinct travel product.

This is really simple to do.


  1. You become the travel supplier (easily done). You offer to your customers/clients independent and guided tours/trips put together by YOU.
  2. Acting as the travel supplier you combine two, three or more elements into a package and offer this to the public.

You now have a distinct travel arrangement that you can brand and call it your own.

  • You’re now building equity in a real business.
  • You’re working for yourself and not for someone else.
  • You’re building your own brand.
  • And Most Importantly, you’re earning the profit and a commission.

Now you are in a position to pay others a commission to sell your brand and keep all the profit for yourself!

How to Make Your Travel Business
Easy and Profitable

When I owned my travel company I put together “spring break” trip packages to Paris, France for high school students.

I actually went to Paris to do the research, but you can do this over the Internet.

I looked for family owned hotels whose staff spoke English. I interviewed them, looked at their meal plan for breakfast and dinner and negotiated a per night rate for two students to a room with a private bath.

Next, I contracted with a local sightseeing service to take my groups on day or partial day trips and provide guided tours.

I even found a “disco” suitable for students and arranged for a group admission.

After coupling these services I had a total price of approximately $973 per student for a 6-night stay.

I had an “International Tours” brochure printed and marketed my travel company tours to high school French teachers in person and over the Internet giving them a free trip plus $25 for each student they took with them to Paris.The minimum number of students was set at 8.

My gross profit was approximately $314 per student. Our retail price for each student was far lower than the big tour companies and we gave personalized service.

We developed a niche and were really good at marketing it. Our website was excellent and ranked on page 1 of the search engines.

The Internet makes the world available to buy your “brand.”

The French teacher, the students and my travel company each had a great deal.

You can pick any travel interest you have anywhere in the world. And, you can do it very successfully!

If you want help in putting your travel package together. I'd love to assist by sharing my experiences, of course, with no charge to you.

Simply contact me by clicking on my photo at the top of the page.

How You Start A "My Travel Business"
That Works For YOU

It is important to realize that a travel company, as briefly described above, may easily be started from anywhere in the world to any destination in the world. The administrative fundamentals are the same the world over.

Just ask yourself where have you been or where would like to go and get educated about it.

Next, put together your travel package using local suppliers found at the destination you're planning to travel to.

Identify your market and develop a marketing plan to reach them.

If you want to get a step-by-step “how-to” do this, then no better source exists than Matt Zito.

He offers a membership academy with a ton of info to guide you and answer all your questions. Matt wants you to succeed and will work with you to that end.

If you’re serious about building your own travel company, one which builds equity and that you can sell when you want to, please consider investing in yourself the $97 membership fee.

I believe what you earn in travel profits will far, far exceed this small amount.

I know from personal experience that branding your own travel package pays off big time. Yes, big time!

You’ll be proud to say, “I own my travel business.”

Sell Your Travel Company's Services on the Internet

A FREE “How-To” Guide

To get comfortable and gain the confidence you want to start your own very profitable travel agency, please take advantage of this Free Service Sellers Masters Course.

Service Selling Masters Course

This free course is recognized worldwide as the Bible of how-to sell services using the Internet. I still use it!

Thank You for visiting "My Travel Business."

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