My Internet Business

See why 99% of entrepreneurs wanting to start "My Internet Business" will, sadly, not achieve their dream of "the good life."


Because achieving financial success, to be one of the top Internet businesses, requires that "My Internet Business" be found by potential customers.

In using the Internet, web searchers do not know your business exists. They do not know your URL. They seldom know your business name. In essence, they are “searching” for information. They have no clue who you are.

Most entrepreneurs have no idea this is true.

They merely travel the road of least resistance (meaning easy and low cost), in building their Internet business model, expecting their financial windfall to just happen.

But that does not happen! These 99% of sites are lost business opportunities.

PROOF of Lost Online Business Opportunity

Do you want proof of this?

You can answer this yourself.

When searching on the Web, when was the last time you went to page 3, page 4 or pages 5 through 14,836,208?

Now you know why 99% of all sites are lucky is they are ever found.

MYTHS that Will Kill Your Business Website

  1. Myth: A great looking site will give you the best Internet business opportunity.

    This is the most popular myth.

    Yes, a visually crummy site will not retain your visitors (if they find you), but it has nothing to do with driving traffic to your site. A good looking website, empty of the other aspects of a successful business website , is just a marketing gimmick to get your dollars.

  2. Myth: When deciding on what my Internet business is to be, a catchy name will set you apart from your competition.

    This ranks right up there as the biggest mistake an online business can make.

    Your business name must include the best “keyword” for the business niche you’re seeking to fill.

    On the Internet, you’re found through keyword use, those that have high demand (words used most often by searchers) and have low supply (other businesses using that Keyword).

    Just like an offline brick and mortar business, it’s location, location, location, etc.

    If your Internet business is not found by Web searchers, chances are that you’re catchy name is not a top Keyword that describes your business.

    As a result, your business won't even be close to one of the top Internet businesses.

  3. Myth: Make each of your websites’ pages short on information. After all, having “AdChoices” (Adsense) ads on each page is what counts.

    Yes, AdChoices on your website pages will provide income to you…that is, if people can find your site.

    What gets your site found are the search engine optimization rules every successful Internet business uses.

    The first of which is making sure your Internet business model includes good solid content. It is “content” that draws both the Search Engines and visitors to your site.

    The more content you have the more natural Keywords it will contain that leads to higher rankings and satisfied visitors.

    Higher ranking on the Search Engines means you’ll get found by searchers. The more you’re found, the more opportunities exist for you to make money. Period.

Building An Internet Business the RIGHT Way

When entrepreneurs learn to build a website properly using the right tools at the right time, the effects on your business can be phenomenal.

Sadly, the Internet if filled with this or that scheme designed to attract you into using their website building methodology as you look to build my Internet business.

Prior to selecting such a website building program please consider how best to judge which one is best for you. This will save you a ton of time, money and heartache.

Thank you for visiting Starting My Internet Business Successfully.

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