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Money For Surveys
7 Rules to Find Legitimate Paid Surveys

Money for surveys lists the 7 surprising rules to keep you safe from scams and to guide you in selecting the best legitimate surveys.

Many times we tend to believe that, “If I read it on the Internet, it must be true.” Of course this is not true.

Anyone can create a survey and put it on the Web. They can make enticements like “earn $250” for filling out this very important survey. Then, of course they ask for your checking account info, so they can direct deposit your earned money.

There are hundreds of other scams that can attract you into filling out a survey and then…you’re hacked or something worse.

So, getting paid taking surveys is a fun way to earn additional income while, at the same time, you must know how to find legitimate surveys to take, and avoid scams.

So, that’s what we’ll do.

The 7 Rules to Keep You Safe
In Searching for Surveys that Pay


In earning money for surveys, people believe that the majority of survey companies are large or moderate size firms having been in business for years.


Many are companies comprised of a single person; a person who may be legit or a person who may not.

What these people may do is collect personal data from you and then sell it to a larger survey site for profit. Or, far worse, try to scam you...but more about that latter.

So Rule # 1 is, look for sites who have conducted some research into survey sites to reduce your risk.


To get money for surveys is a popular business opportunity. Many entrepreneurs take free surveys for money and are quite pleased with their efforts.

Even this grey cat is looking to take surveys.

Taking surveys requires little skill. Plus, earning an income while giving an opinion is enjoyable to many.

So Rule # 2 is, if you like taking surveys you might as well earn money for surveys at the same time.


Many people find survey "companies" by simply typing into the subject line something like, "earn money from paid surveys from home." Up pops dozens of different sites all claiming theirs is the best site to use to find "legit" survey firms.

Be aware of such nonsense; you do not know anything about them.

So Rule # 3 is, please do not blindly search for surveys to take. This is the best way to get "taken."


Even legitimate survey companies require you to fill out "their" time consuming form. And, of course, no standardized form is ever used.

So Rule # 4 is, obtain a free (usually) "auto-fill program" to reduce this time consuming task. Remember, time is money!


Signing up with just "one" survey company (or even ten), with the expectation you'll earn substantial money for surveys taken, is foolish.


Chances are you will only receive one, two or maybe three surveys from them every 10 days or so.

 This is because companies who are doing opinion research on their product or service are only looking for a "specific demographic," such as, single mothers under 19, retired persons over age 75, people within a certain income range or persons who wear glasses with blue colored frames and not contacts. You get the drift.

So Rule # 5 is, you must sign up with several survey companies.

How many?

You'll have to ease into this number because the time you have to devote to your business will determine the number of surveys you can take on. But 25 to 35 is about average.

You want your time devoted to earning money for surveys to be productive.


What is the normal "pay' for taking surveys?

Good question.

Most survey companies pay $2 to $25 or sometimes even up to $75 per 10 to 30 minute survey.

This tells you that you're not going to make the big bucks without devoting a significant amount of time to the effort. But it can be done!

So Rule # 6 is, keep your prospective in check.

Be realistic about your earnings potential. It stands to reason that close to a full time effort is required to earn significant money for surveys taken.


Free. Rule #7 is, “all” legitimate surveys seek your honest opinion. So, they provide free online surveys.

If a survey site asks for money, then it is a scam. Period!

Free Counseling Available:

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This is not a come-on, some trick or an offer to suck you into buying something. Nope, just a sincere off to help.

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How to Detect Survey Scams

First, know that there are proven legitimate survey companies that exist from which you may earn money for surveys.

Also know that it has been estimated that a ton of online survey companies offering "paid" surveys for you to take are "scams." So, being careful is the way to go.

The most common online survey "scams" are:

  • A company may ask for your Social Security number and/or your checking account number (so they may make direct deposits into your account) or even a credit card number. This is your first clue.
  • A company may offer you an opportunity for taking surveys for money. You sign up because they do not ask for you SS#, checking account # or for a credit card.

Later they contact you welcoming you aboard and offer a "deal."

You can be placed on a "preferred" survey list for only, say, $49.95.

On this "preferred" list you get more moneymaking surveys and are paid lots more dollars. This sounds to good to be true? It’s not true.


No legitimate survey company "ever" asks for money. Period.

  • Scam survey sites usually will take the first step and contact you. Run! That's another clue.
  • Scam survey sites are in big bold colors and literally offer you the moon, like make $1 million a year.
  • Legitimate sites will have a "privacy policy" and/or an endorsement from the better Business Bureau. Without this or something similar, be very careful.

My Top Legitimate Survey Company

A key to being highly successful in any moneymaking effort is being confident enough to invest wisely in yourself by not reinventing-the-wheel as you start out.

In the case of the survey business, it is really imperative that you buy the expertise of professionals who have investigated survey sources and package the best ones for you to make the most money.

Yes, this will cost you a tiny bit of money but your return on this investment should return significant dollars.

So, please seriously consider the following outstanding resource.

A solid company, Get Paid for your Opinions, offers an amaising number of opportunities to get paid from reputible firms. (Actually this is my first choice for you.)

My second recommendation also has proven to be a reputible firm, Maximum Paid Surveys.

Actually, both of these resources will leave you well positioned in the business of surveys.

Thank you for visiting Money for Surveys.

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