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Moms Work At Home
A Road To Success

Many Moms work at home by starting an online business even though they had no clue how to build a website, let alone anything to sell. Surprised?

This Mom entrepreneur could be you.

Home based Internet businesses add to a sense of worth, growing confidence in oneself and can add significant income to the family.

In The Beginning

As a retiree, I was looking for something to focus my mind on and bring in some income. A friend mentioned having an Internet business.

“Who, me” I said. “I know nothing about how computers work, let alone website building. Besides I am absolutely clueless about what to sell.

Maybe this is you too!

As I thought more about starting a business from home. I began to fumble around on the computer looking for, well, anything that it looked like I could do. Not an easy task, I assure you!

Moms Work at Home: Overcoming Doubt

To seriously consider having an online home business I, and probably most Mom-entrepreneurs have to overcome four doubts.

  1. How to build a website without knowing (and not caring to know) any technical stuff. 
  2. Finding something to sell.
  3. Thinking I don’t know how to write.
  4. Not knowing if my website would get found so I could make an income.

Moms Work at Home: Finding Out How and What to Do

Overcoming insecurity, getting to the point of decision making and then taking a big step is a tall order and certainly not an easy road to travel.

Let’s address each of the above doubts.

1.  How to Build a Website without Being a Techie?

After personally wasting about 14-weeks and over $600 trying three “easy-to-do” and “here’s a website already made for you” schemes that earned me all of $16.54, I felt less than smart.

One day, my wife found at the end of a website page she was reading the words, “Built by Site Build It.”

The rest is history. My life was changed forever!

I spent almost a full day researching SBI and I invite you to do the same. These 2 pages of their Site were particularly useful:

  • PROOF that their website-building and marketing system works!
  • All the TOOLS you’ll ever need are found in one place all provided at one price!


I needed to know nothing technical. SBI does everything behind the scenes. I am building this website by filling in the blocks with my self-generated content. SBI does the rest!

  • Over 40,000 entrepreneurs earn online income using SBI.
  • SBI methodology is taught in over 30 Colleges and Universities.

Many Moms work at home using SBI!

2.  What Do I Sell?

Moms have a wide variety of choices.

  • Your website may provide a Service like tutoring of children, special recipes or being an event planner.
  • Your website may sell any of thousands of products without having to have them in your basement or garage. It’s called being a Drop Shipper.
  • Your website may give away free information (that can earn you an income). Millions of people search the Internet for information.

The best part of SBI, for me, is that they hold my hand using their Brainstorming Tool to ensure I selected a super online business opportunity.

3.  But I Don’t Know How to Write!

This will NOT be a problem. We all send e-mails or write letters. You just need to identify your style of writing.

These two FREE resources will give you total confidence. Yes, total!

4.  How to Make My Website get found on the Internet?

SBI provides all the tools you need for you to build your website that is a business . It does this in a way to ensure you get found by those people who are searching for your service, your specific products or your free information.

This assurance is part of what no other website-builder can offer you. Please see PROOF above and get confidence.

Moms Work at Home: 2 Truths

In my starting a business from home experiences, I leave you with these three Truths:

  1. FACT: Every subject you can think of, every service, every product in the world, every interest and every dream you have is waiting for you to develop online.
  2. FACT: It takes just as much time and resources to build a poor non-income producing online websites as it takes to build a business website with significant income producing results.
  3. FACT: There is a MAJOR difference between building just a website and building a "business" website. Please do not waste your time and money trying to build a business using "quick" and "easy" as the foundation for your attempt at business building.

It’s simply a matter of how you go about it!


Thank you for visiting Moms Work at Home.

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