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Marketing A Home Business
Low Cost
Effective Options

Marketing a home business can be tricky. The issues are how to build credibility, build your brand of one and identify how to market your company without it costing an arm or leg.

We’ll explore effective low cost marketing options to grow your new venture.

Easy Answers Through Effective Marketing

According to the Small Business Administration, over 52% of all new businesses are operated from the home.

It stands to reason that starting a business from home and its marketing go hand in hand.

The most important ingredient for your success in your work from home home business is to connect with prospective customers and build trust leading to a purchase of your product or service.

How to Connect and Build Trust in Marketing

Nearly any enterprise you start, to prosper, you need to have an effective online presence.

What is an effective online presence?

It means having an excellent “business” website (not just a website) that is found on page one or two of the Search Engines.

It takes just as much time and money to build a non-performing website as a great one.

Another Effective Resource in Marketing

If you do not want to have a website, then other means exist to spread the word about your home based company.

In fact, the resource listed below may enhance your company even if you have an effective website.

  • FaceBook Profits: The #1 FaceBook business resource on the Internet today. It contains very in depth info with easy to learn show and tell, how-to-do explanations. It costs a bit more but it is so well worth the reasonable cost. Highly recommended.

Your company needs a simplified means to manage your income and expenses.

In my judgment, no better resource exists than using QuickBooks to your advantage. For less than $10 this tutorial explains in common language how best to use QuickBooks. Highly Recommended.

I wish you great success in your effort. It truly can be fun and rewarding too.

Thank you for visiting Marketing a Home Business.

Helpful Professional Resources

International Association of Home Business

American Business Women’s Association

Business Marketing Association

Small Business Administration

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