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Super Low, Low Low Cost
Start Up Business

Tired of searching unsuccessfully for low cost start-up business ideas?

You know, the free home based business ideas that can turn into reasonable moneymakers without much risk.

Meeting Your Objective

I've been in your shoes before--little or no money, not knowing exactly what I wanted to do, and scared to jump into a new low cost start up business without knowing the outcome.

For you, I've used my real life experiences, as an entrepreneur, to search for the possible, the practical and the most reasonable low cost start up business ideas and deliver them here.

I’ve tried to answer the simple question, “How can I make money!” with suggestions and examples. I have also linked you to additional resources and help below.

List of Low, Low, Low Cost Start-up Business Ideas

1. Home Employment/Work from Home

Some of the people I’ve counseled seek a work-from-home opportunity that they can do via the Internet. Many of these folks, in their heart, prefer to work for an employer but want the flexibility of their own hours.

They really want to test the waters to see if working from home is a viable option for them. This is A-OK and a very smart idea.

With a job like I am about to describe, you can pick up extra work at home or convert to doing Internet work full time if you like it and are successful.

Perhaps the best source, in my judgment, for finding work from home online jobs is by subscribing to Homejobstop’s Home Bank.

Here, employers list jobs specifically to be done at home. You browse the listings of freelance and contract work to find what sounds good for you. This narrows your search time significantly and allows you to focus on matching your skills to an employer’s needs.

Their site requires a subscription fee, but it is very reasonable.

Anyway, Homejobstop is worth serious consideration.

2. Flea Market

Ever consider opening a Flea Market? My neighbor four houses down the street did, and she’s quite happy with the results!.

You would be highly surprised to know that a bunch of money may be made rather easily at the flea market. This IS a super low cost start up business.

What are your start-up costs?

  • Your booth
  • Product you find at garage, yard and estate sales that costs you practically nothing
  • Products you buy from a wholesale supplier (if you want)

3. Make Money Online

You've probably heard about how easy it is to make money online.

Well, it not easy but rather simple if you apply some focus and perseverance.

Compared to your potential return on your investment this is another low cost start up business opportunity that you would do well to seriously consider.

Wait, you say, "I don't have anything to sell."

Wrong. (I thought so too when I began.)

And then you say, “I don’t know how to build a website.”

Wrong. (I had no clue, but I did it!)

What changed?

I learned that I could earn significant income by

  • selling my own or other peoples products or
  • by sharing online, information about my passion.

Where did I learn this?

After searching the Internet literally for months, I found a company called Solo Build It. They held my hand and guided me in sharing my passion, through this website, of helping people all over the world find low cost start-up business ideas.

I knew zero about website building. I was, and still am, largely uncomfortable using a computer. But I overcame my fears and jumped in.

They will guide you too in finding the perfect niche for you…at an extremely low cost. (And, maybe I can help too.)

Solo Build It has changed my life forever!

It will yours too!

Free Counseling Available:

My mission is to Pay It Forward. I will bring 40 years of entrepreneurial experiences to assist you for free as you consider starting any online or offline business.

This is not a trick to get you to buy stuff. Nope. This is a sincere offer to help you.

Just click on my photo to contact me.

4. Taking Surveys and Become an Online Juror

People say they can make money by taking surveys over the Internet. It’s true.

Actually, filling out surveys, mystery shopping and reviewing products have great interest for Moms who work from home, and they can earn you income too.

I personally fill out surveys. I know the time it takes, how to avoid scams and what is the best method for finding the right surveys…that will pay cash.

For an enlightening overview of opportunities, here is an excellent resource that is a truly low cost start up business ideas.

Become an Online Juror

5. Cleaning Company Options

Starting a home cleaning company may not seem a likely way to make money.

Residential cleaning will never go out of style and will always be an income generator. Think about it.

In most parts of the country homeowners will pay $110 to $200 or more every two weeks or so for a good cleaning. The price varies in the size of the home being cleaned.

The cleaning person we use charges $165 (she does a super job!) and comes every 3-weeks She has enough clients that for the year she averages a little over 6 cleaning jobs for a 5-day week. She probably earns in the neighborhood of $40 to $45 thousand per year.

Not a bad return on costs of cleaning supplies and car/gas expenses of approximately $2,850 annually.

6. Car Detailing

Lastly, I want to introduce you to an industry that is a fast growing and is a very low cost start up business to enter…that of Car Detailing.

Car detailing may be done by using your own car/van/truck, a brick and mortar location or even renting a space (25' by 25') in a corner of a large parking lot of a supermarket or big box store and pitching a 12' by 20' tent. Demand for this service is ever present too. I get my car detailed every 6 to 8 months at a cost of $175.

This resource is exceptional if you want to know the possibilities. This is an excellent low cost business idea.

Learn of More Small Business Ideas

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Thank you for visiting Super Low, Low, Low Cost Start Up Business Ideas.

Additional Small Business Ideas

Helpful Professional Resources

U. S Small Business Administration

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