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Low Cost Business Ideas

Finding true low cost business ideas is quite refreshing particularly when entrepreneurs share their experiences, when they started and grew the same business you’re now considering, accompanies them.

Starting up a company and growing it to profitability, or better still, having it provide substantial income, which then gives you more life options, is the dream of many an entrepreneur.

We are totally better prepared to achieve success when we draw upon the experiences of others to help us.

That’s my mission: to give you actual opportunities that are tested in the marketplace as real opportunities for your success and, at the same time, provide resources for you to use to reduce your start up mistakes, time and money.

If I may assist you in your initial assessment of any of these low cost start up businesses, please just contact me. I welcome the chance to help. There is no charge for this initial assessment, ever.

Solid Low Cost Business Ideas

A HOME BASED BOOKKEEPING SERVICE is another high demand low cost opportunity for you to consider. Bookkeepers fill a niche for neighborhood companies that the accounting firms never would consider approaching because there hourly service cost is too high for the small businessperson.

MYSTERY SHOPPER JOB OPPORTUNITIES are largely available to those who seriously want to learn the ins and outs of the profession. There is no substitute for having mystery shopper knowledge prior to you seeking your initial job. If you want to do an excellent job, then you have a bright future.

A SMALL BUSINESS MARKETING SERVICE fills a niche that many independent companies desperately need. No need to feel like you’re unprepared as an expert. Dan Kennedy is widely recognized and has a remarkable guide that will jump-start this opportunity.

Innovative Low Cost Business Ideas

A HOME BASED IMPORT BUSINESS has several options that point toward your success. Don’t feel afraid of jumping into this arena. It is not that complicated and there are proven resources available. With a growing number of purchases being made through eBay, now the average person can make a ton of money through importing.

A DROP SHIPPING BUSINESS may bring serious income your way if you want to build an effective website to promote your products. Building such a website is now relatively simple. With drop shipping you carry no product inventory; yet receive an excellent commission on each product sale.

CANDY MAKING at home offers a ton of possibilities. Understanding the 3 key ingredients for your success makes this a fun and lively business opportunity. Knowing how to use the Internet for marketing your home company is a true bonus.

A CREDIT REPAIR BUSINESS is really 12 businesses in 1. In today’s world, more and more families need this help. Fortunately, there are several resources to assist you in this lucrative opportunity.

A HOME BASED VAPOR STEAM CLEANING BUSINESS no longer requires a huge investment like the truck filled with equipment that used to pull up outside your home when they came to clean your carpet. No. New technology, low in cost, now permits you to clean a whole house and everything that’s in it, using a quart of cold water. You can put this new technology equipment easily in your car!


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Additional Small Business Ideas

Helpful Professional Resources

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