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Nervous About Selecting the Best Links?

A link building program must show you the importance of any link to your site and the quality of that link (where it came from).

This is how the Search Engines view your link building results.

Importance relates to the value or reputation/quality of backlinks (also known as inbound links).

It's not the number of backlinks or one way inbound links that matters most, but the QUALITY and the TOPIC of the linking sites.

The best way to prepare your site for getting backlinks, increase inbound links or to promote your website link popularity is the 80% Rule:

Building QUALITY Content is 80% of the effort needed to have a profitable Internet business and to give each page of your site a top 10 search engine ranking.

When you have quality content, other great high-ranking sites will want to build their reputation by referring their visitors to your site. It's as simple as that!

A link from a site like this will count, as a vote of confidence, and the SEs will notice.

Nearly 99% of all websites do not even have one backlink!

So, this gives you a great opportunity to get just the few (meaning 5 to 8, or even 10, at the most for each page of your site) great backlinks that you need to have in a successful website in order to improve your search engine ranking.

This small number of backlinks will do the job of providing a top 10 search engine ranking.

Exchanging links with other sites is OK. But the most effective link building program is to get inbound links without exchanging out-going links.


  1. Second tier and major directories
  2. Themed directories and specialty hubs

Oh, there are other methods as well: RSS feed, Blog, submission of articles to directories, posting in site related forums, social bookmarking, and social media are really super, but should be implemented after you do the above because of their effectiveness and the time involved.

Website Link PopularitySpending an inordinate amount of time to implement a link program to drive visitors to your site is the wrong side of the 80-20 effort.

Building quality content and then more content is 80% of a successful link building program. Spending time to create inbound links is 20% of a successful link-building program.

Major and Second Tier Directories

There are two major directories where you get the bang for the buck.

  1. The Yahoo Directory is still considered to be one of the best.

    It’s expensive at $299 per year.

    Your site will be accepted if it is a quality site.

    A Yahoo link provides a solid foundation for a great link building program.

  2. The second major directory is the Open Directory Project. Submission is free, but acceptance is not guaranteed.

    The downside is to get listed may take anywhere from 6-36 months.

    So…keep building your site’s content. Remember, that’s 80% of the effort to achieve an effective link building program!

Second Tier Directories

The value of a listing in any relevant directory is not the increased traffic you may receive (which will not be much), but the value of an inbound link or backlink.

The Three Best Directories are:

  1. Strongest Links : Professional webmasters love this site.

  2. Aviva's Strongest Directories
  3. Lists directories that will help you with SEs.
  4. List of Web Directories a solid listing of niche directories used by many webmasters.

Find Themed Directories and Niche Hubs

If you use Solo Build It (SBI), then among the 80-plus business

SBI! Tools website building tools are those which do the searching for you automatically to find the best links to each of your site pages.

SBI is totally affordable: only $299 annually or $29.99 per month.

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