Learn To Build A Website

Proof of Success!

Nearly 94% of people want to learn to build a website in order "to make money online."

Here you'll see demonstrated proof of the elements needed to build a "business" website instead of a website looking for business.

The Problem

The problem is that 99% of people look for the free and easy or, at least, a cheap and easy way to build a site...FAST.

They search the Web clicking on the "quick and easy" come-ons. The ones that Promise, Promise and Promise your success without showing you any PROOF that you will earn a decent income.

Please do not get sucked in.

Please realize that, as you learn to build a "business" website, that this is serious business.

Your ability to generate significant income is dependent on you doing the correct research to find the best online course for you.

One that does not require website building knowledge and handles all the technical stuff for you and guides you step-by-step to success.

But the Sun Rises...A new Day Begins!

Please learn to build a website correctly. There are 3 Key Decisions which greatly enhance the opportunity you have to earn money online. Learn to Build a Website

Further, understanding the 5 questions you should ask anyone who claims to help you create your own website will also enhance your ability to choose the right website building course for you.

Also, prior to traveling the business website building route, you should understand the costs involved in this effort. In this link I share my experience.

Two important elements of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) as you build your website include knowing the from. 5 most significant rules to follow.

Also obtaining links for your site is made easier if you know the 4 best directories to use to obtain one-way inbound or backlinks.

Free Help

My mission in life is to help others whenever I may. Should you have questions about website building I stand ready to help.

All questions answered, of course, at no charge.

Please help me Pay It Forward.

Thank you for visiting Learn to Build A Website.

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