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Starting Your
Internet Article Writing Business

Imagine what your Internet Article Writing Service could be if you only knew the pathway to success.

Gone are the days of the starving writer, the barely eking out a living routine, the paycheck-to-paycheck mode.

Now, there is reason to celebrate and celebrate big time.

Jump In, The Waters Fine

Sylvia, a transplant from a small town outside of London, UK, now living in Dakar, Senegal is an avid reader, has a creative spirit and was unemployed.

Over the years she dabbled in writing bits for her local small town UK newspaper. She never thought about earning a stable living writing, let alone how to get writing clients.  Internet article writing was not even in the back of her mind.

Then, a little over two years ago she came across a free ebook called, Make Your Words Sell.

Her mind worked overtime. The rest is history.

The Key to Sylvia’s Success

When I interviewed Sylvia, she relayed that the two most helpful resources she used to begin her business included:

  • A free resource called, Make Your Site Sell, an Internationally recognized (often referred to as an online-business-building) Bible showed her that her Internet article writing service could generate real dollars leading to a stable (and growing) income for her and her family.

Sylvia overcame her timidity and decided to take the plunge. Today, her services are virtually worldwide in scope.

How Sylvia Developed Success

She told me that the road she took required no luck.

She says she stayed focused on marketing her skills to potential clients across the globe.

Sylvia’s Road

  • She followed Yuwanda’s advise on how to market herself.
  • She followed the advice found in Make Your Site Sell and built (it’s still a work in progress) a business website that focuses on the benefits she provides to a client when using her services. (Clients are really only interested in how they will benefit by using Sylvia’s skills.)
  • She learned about Private Label Rights and started writing articles, which webmasters can buy and use on their sites.
  • She is an avid contributor to social network sites. The same is true for online forums.
  • She joined professional associations that would further her writing skills and allow her to make contacts with potential clients.
  • She started a business Facebook page where she could pass on info about writing to others.

Today, Syliva’s client base allows her to pick and choose the Internet article writing clients that most interest her. She is very busy and is thinking of cutting back on the time she devotes to growing her business.


Helpful Professional Resources

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Society for Technical Communication

National Association of Science Writers

Additional Small Business Ideas

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