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7 Crazy Ideas
For A Small Business
Just Waiting For Your Profitable Touch

What are some of the craziest ideas for a small business?

I bet you never thought of most of the following suggestions.

Here are multiple ideas that need developed, maybe by you!

If I may assist you in starting any business just click on my picture on the left. There is no charge and this invitation is not a come on to get you to buy something. My help is totally free.

1.  Start a Social Network Site Based on Sustainable Living

Bring sustainable-living folks together sharing all kinds of info on living off the land is a viable small business opportunity.

Actually you may bring aspects of Facebook, Craigslist and eco-blogging to literally millions of folks around the world. You may offer products for sale or even bring third party merchants to your network and share a commission.

Explore Backwoods Home Magazine, Grit Magazine and Mother Earth News for motivation.

Anyway, this is one of the ideas for a small business that needs exploring.

2.  Increase Pinterest Traffic for Business Clients

Pinterest has taken off big time.

Businesses often do not have a clue how to use it to their advantage. Most companies know the demographics of their customers. Problem is, they’re looking for way to expand their market reach sensibly and at a reasonable cost, but lack info and motivation to use a medium they know nothing or little about.

If you understand the ins and out of Pinterest, it may be that you have a business in the making.

3.  Guide Businesses and Non-Profits with Mobile Advertising

The use of Tablets and Smart Phones now comprise nearly 30% of all web searches. However, businesses have not kept up. Today, there are few mobile ads on mobile devices.

This is one of the ideas for a small business that is wide open for you to execute. If you have the technical skill to transcend desktop made website to mobile, then you’re off and running.

This area is wide open for a small business entrepreneur.

4.  Pay It Forward Kindness Snacks

Your community has a much improved kindness mindset when profitable and not-for-profit organizations give away or sell snack packs with colorful positive messages and words encouraging the recipient to pay it forward with an act of kindness to others.

I can imagine giving away hundreds of snack packs with positive messages inside them in high crime areas of a city or town, to those in attendance at high school athletic games and even to folks just minding their own business.

Your ideas for a small business may make money:

  • With support from local foundations and businesses
  • With funds from Churches
  • Selling the snack packs wholesale to social service agencies to be use as fundraisers or to businesses as give-a-ways.

This is a product with a theme of Paying It Forward in which the whole community can be involved by spreading kindness and hope.

5.  Painting Massive Murals on Buildings

Here is one of the best ideas for a small business.

Your town or city may have dozens upon dozens of large exterior walls on businesses, many of which, have pealing paint or are otherwise in disrepair. What a way to beautify your community.

You can hire kids studying art who live in neighborhoods eligible for the murals.

Funding may come from a wide variety of sources. You may even have businesses calling you biding up the job so that their building wall can be the next mural.

6.  Presentation Skills Service Company

If you’re self taught or a college graduate in media, computer science, broadcasting or related fields niche ideas for small business may be highly successful by using your skills to provide these sought after services by businesses:

Company management generally is woefully short on:

  1. Preparation and presentation skills necessary to have their presentations before any size group effective, interesting and, most importantly, memorable
  2. How to grow their business using video on their Internet site and effectively using YouTube
  3. Crisis management including media interaction with reporters, etc.

7.  Food Event Design Service

This is one of the ideas for a small business that is hitting the radar of women entrepreneurs in particular.

There are 3 aspects incorporated into business success.

  1. Themed events of all types using food design to match the events theme. If a company has a sales meeting promoting one or more products or services, then the food enhances and is made a focus of the event’s message.
  2. Building signature edible installations has almost unlimited opportunities to build your business. From something simple like building a huge edible company logo to displaying a whole product line made from edible food. Your food enhances the events message. It’s different, catchy and highly profitable.
  3. Creative catering using a theme approach is a growing opportunity. From corporate dinner parties to dinner parties of private individuals your efforts will attract high profit clients.


I hope one or more of these ideas for a small business has kindled some ideas of your own. You just never know when a profit-potential idea will strike!


Thank you for visiting Crazy Ideas for a Small Business.

Helpful Professional Resources

U. S. Small Business Administration: Starting a Business

National Association of Entrepreneurs

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