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How to
Start Internet Business

Even If You Have No Clue How to Do It

Knowing how to start Internet business is truly a warm and gratifying experience.

I was so fortunate to have found a solid company:

  • One that explained what I needed to do to start an online business

  • One that guided me step-by-step from the first day and
  • One that showed me PROOF that what they were telling me to do, would "actually" be a working, income producing business that achieves a higher Search Engine ranking.

That company, one that does not advertise, but depends on more than 40,000 entrepreneurs like me who enthusiastically follow their proven system, plus the students enrolled in SBI classes in over 30 collages and universities, to tell the world about them and how life changing could be the results.

That company is Solo Build It or SBI, the proven way to start Internet business.

SBI changed my life forever!

You Have More Skills than Me

I do not know a lick of any of the technical stuff required by the Search Engines to achieve a high ranking.

I never will.

I only knew how to search the Internet, send an email and complete a simple Word document. Period. I had no clue about how to start online business.

I had no writing experience; I’m a terrible speller and my knowledge of how my computer works is near zero (still is).

Yet, out of 390,000,000 related websites that pop up on Google when you search how to start an Internet business, SBI guided me to build this site, which would compete favorably with those millions of competitors.

What’s more, you FOUND Me!!

It’s not just luck.

SBI showed me, yes, even me, how to build an online business that gets found by thousands of people searching daily for this information.

This is a testimonial to PROOF that SBI knows how to guide you to be successful with any business you may decide to build.

In fact, SBI will help you decide what business to build!!

How I Made the Decision to Go With SBI

I’m a visual person. In order to create my own website, I need to see how to do things, not read about it.

What follows are the series of SBI videos I viewed prior to making my decision to trust SBI with my time and dollars.

I started at the page SBI calls Video Tour.

Now, SBI had my serious attention.


Some friends were telling me, “Why spend $29.99 per month (or $299 per year by paying all at once) when Wordpress charges only $9.99 per month?”

Good question.

So, I looked at Wordpress and what they offered.

I concluded two things:

  • Wordpress charges extra for everything but hosting
  • Wordpress was for those people who had website building skills,who knew formatting of code and all the different technical elements of how to start an Internet business.

Ok, I then knew that Wordpress sounded good but was to advanced for me.

I could never use WordPress to start my Internet business.

Besides, if I was going to earn a significant income, I need targeted traffic to my site. You can convert your (a) less traffic and (b) less income to vastly improved results by letting SBI help Wordpress webmasters.

The bottom line for me was overcoming my doubt about being successful in learning how to start Internet business.


For a more in depth look at the SBI PROOF in written form, please click here.

Free Counseling Available

If you have any questions, please just contact me by clicking on my picture above.

There is no charge for my help.

This is not a come-on, a trick or something to suck you into spending money.

I will never try to sell you anything!!!

Nope, It’s a simple, let me help you request, as part of my paying it forward mission.


Thank you for visiting How to Start Internet Business.

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