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How To Sell Crafts Online

Nobody expects instant success except when you know how to sell crafts online the proven way.

Hear are the facts, not just suggestions.

Starting a online business can be difficult.

It's difficult because


Few folks want to study and become knowledgeable about selling crafts online.

Most people are in to quick and easy instead of knowing how and doing it right.

Therefore, it's entirely up to you whether you want the challenge of doing it right, or being dependent on those who make promise after promise without showing you proof that their online selling method works.

Searching the Alternatives

Traditionally, posting your crafts for sale online would, and still today, get you results. That is, you would have sales.

How many sales is still a question?

Traditionally, crafters have used the following to sell their crafts:


  • Etsy.com
  • Artfire
  • Super Market
  • icraft
  • eBay
  • Bonanza
  • Craigslist

  • Craft fairs and shows

These are all good sources and you should continue to use these and others. They should all be useful marketing resources.

However, if you REALLY WANT to know how best to market crafts, you must learn how to build a business website, not just a website, but a website that gets found by huge numbers of folks.

If your traditional website is found on page 2, page 3 or pages 4 through page 12,936,103 you have no sales. Period.

Why waste your time and money?

I use Site Build It to make my websites.My life has changed forever!! Yours can too!

Over 40,000 entrepreneurs build their online companies using Site Build It.

By the way, how to build a Site Build It Website is taught in over 30 colleges and universities.

Using traditional craft selling sites identified above, will not cut the mustard to order to meet your how to sell crafts online objectives.

A ton of sales not only brightens your spirit but also fattens your bank account.

A Word About A Craft Business Website

Whatever third party source you choose to sell your crafts online, remember, it is not "your" business, that is, you can not build equity and sell it someday.

In business, you make money two ways:

  1. In the operation of the company (products, sales, expenses and profits), and
  2. when you sell the company it now has real value or equity.

If you just sell your crafts on other people’s sites, all you do is make their site more valuable.

This selling platform may produce short term sales for you.

However, under such a circumstance, all you do is make other people’s business more profitable and worth more when they decide to sell it...and you never really have a company that is worth something.

The business you think you have has no sale value.

Only your own website, selling your and other people's products becomes a business that you can build equity in and then can sell.

Why work so hard making and selling crafts and have nothing to show for it at the end of the day, so to speak?

How to Sell Crafts Online That Makes You Money

To start a online business that meets your success expectations takes focus and work. When done right, it can be your sales machine to the world to both consumers and wholesalers.

Like you probably, I had absolutely no understanding about how to build a business website. Zero. None. I wasn’t even very computer smart.

But, that changed overnight.

Site Build It held my hand providing easy to understand guidance each step of the way.

They walked me through selecting the right niche, the most profitable niche, for each of my businesses.

They provided all the tools, all the newest and best website enhancements.

Most importantly, at least for me, they took care of all the technical stuff to ensure my websites rank high in the Search Engines.

Having your own Internet business may earn you more money, a lot faster and build equity in it so that, when the time comes, you may sell it for more profit.

Anyway, the absolute key to how to sell crafts online is by building your own craft website using a company who shows you Proof that their simple methodology works and works well!

Here is to your success!

Thank you for visiting How To Sell Crafts Online Successfully.

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