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How Much Should I Charge

My Services or Product

Sounds crazy but the answer to the question How Much Should I Charge is…MORE.

You have doubts?

Well, you’ll  soon not, even if your just starting a freelance business or a brand new product.

As a freelancer, independent contractor or a person selling a product or service online your number one task is building credibility.

With credibility comes trust. With trust come sales. It’s as simple as that.

Building Credibility and Trust

Behind charging more for your product or service is the perception of credibility and trust.

There are a number of steps you need to effectively build a platform upon which to determine just how much should I charge.

One element is always true. Credibility and trust always precede the sale.

The First Step

Determining how much should I charge for anything begins with the quality of your “business” website.

You just can’t afford to have just a website. It will never get found, therefore, no sales. Period.

The difference is that a business Site is built using all the elements needed to get found on page 1 or page 2 of the Search Engines. Failing that placement, you lose.

For proof ask yourself how often you go to pages 3 through 18,381,743 when searching on the Web?

So it is imperative that you know how to judge any website builder. Your business depends on it!!


If your selling a service, in all likelihood, your business website is the major focus of your presentation or package to your target marketplace.

If you’re selling a product and it can be shipped, then your Site also fits the website presentation bill with one difference,

That difference is, you must show pictures of your product in appropriate settings and, of course, its packaging.

Package design and executing it can be very expensive. But to skimp on design here is to fail the credibility and trust test. Your package must be of modern design depicting the high quality of your product.

Presentation is about positioning your product or service in the competitive marketplace.

How Much Should I Charge


If you’re a freelancer or independent contractor the key to your success is marketing. You should avoid the traditional freelance job sites like Elance, Odesk, Freelance Switch, etc. They tend to keep you a slave to your work and do not pay you enough for your talent.

Your objective is to position yourself in the marketplace through the quality of your professional website, freelance resume writing and the price for your services to obtain the jobs you want at the fee you want.

You can be a happy freelancer when you invest in yourself by acquiring The Freelance Success Engine, a wonderful program that guides you in how to obtain freelance jobs online that pays what you’re worth. This $97 can be the best investment you’ll ever make! This program is worth serious consideration. Here is a free Webinar to get you started.


As a seller of specific services to businesses or to the general public, your presentation means everything. You essentially have a freelance career and need to apply freelance marketing techniques to get sales.

The better your presentation, essentially, the more you can charge. Perception is everything.


You make more money by positioning it in the marketplace as a high end product, Your margins (mark-up) is better allowing you to spend more in niche marketing.

As a rule of thumb and depending upon whether your produce is a big-ticket item or not, the following usually applies:

  • Direct Retail Sale: Your margin is 3 to 5 times your cost to make it.
  • Wholesale: Your margin is in the neighborhood of 175 % of your cost to make it.

 I hope you found this helpful.

Thank you for visiting How Much Should I Charge.

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