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How Much Do Websites Cost
To Make
Your Own Website Online

How much do websites cost gives you a splash of real world measurements in terms of dollars and time it takes in the accomplish your objective to make your own website online.

You may be surprised to learn that to make your own business website costs you more time than you think and far less dollars than you may imagine.

What I share is my experience, and the experience of other entrepreneur friends in the creating of a “business” website and not just a website.

There is a huge difference between the two.

A Business Site

A business Site is developed specifically to get found by Web searchers and to build their trust so they lead themselves to purchase your product or service, which, of course, is the objective of your effort. The key words here are “to get found” and “to build their trust.”

Sites that do not incorporate this foundation fail to get found and to make money.

A Traditional Site

A traditional Site is generally built by someone or some company that knows enough about creating a website to be dangerous…to themselves and others.

This is not just me talking. It’s the real world.

Here’s the proof.

How often do you go to page 3 through 14,739,014 when searching the Web?

All those sites not found on page 1 or 2 are, well, never found.

They are the traditional sites that are built by would-be entrepreneurs who look for the “easy way” to build their Site by following the advice

  • Of hundreds of companies who will make a site for you or
  • Who propose you’ll have your Site up in an hour (or a similar claim) when you pay them a basic fee (followed by hidden and expensive up charges for the tools you really need to be successful). Yes, I bit on this junk. I learned my lesson.

So, How Much Do Websites Cost
That is…

A Business Website


To make your own business website, one that generates more than pocket change, requires a commitment. Whether that’s an hour a day or 10 hours or more per week, it takes your valuable time.

I have friends that have built a 20-page Site in 4-months who generated nearly $500, after a year and 60 additional pages later, $4,000 and, even one friend who in two years has a website of more than 250-pages and has a solid 5-figure income.

The point is, while we live in an instant mashed potato world, it takes a consistent time commitment by you to be successful.

I have invested nearly 900 hours over 32 months (about 30 hrs. a month) creating this website. With nearly 150 content pages on my Site, I’m about a third of the way done.

But after I finish, the next several years will produce a good income with a minimal 2 or 3 hours per week needed to maintain it. Plus, at some point I can sell it because it is a “business.”

NOTE: It takes just as much time to build a Site that is lucky to be found as it does to build a Site that will get found on page 1 or 2 of the Search Engines.


It doesn’t cost an arm and a leg to determine how much do websites cost.

Here are my expenses:


  • A desk and chair in a bedroom
  • Existing desktop computer, printer and SDL Internet phone service
  • Printer paper and ink
  • Using Site Build It (SBI) business and marketing methodology @ $299 a year (or $29.99/month).

My total expenses were $721.72 in year one. Of course, my website was producing an income that exceeded this amount.



  • Paper and ink supplies
  • Business Cards
  • Site Build It (SBI) @ $299

My total expenses were $414.04 in year two. Of course, my website was producing an income that far exceeded this amount.

You get the point.

How Much Do Websites Cost

Word of Insight

I am able to build my online business because SBI is all-inclusive for one low price.

I was attracted to SBI (and I’m super happy I found them) because:

  • All the business site-building tools are included and they never increase the low price
  • They give Proof that their methodology works in building an online business
  • Over 40,000 entrepreneurs use SBI to build their online businesses
  • SBI is taught in over 30 colleges and universities
  • I had Zero website building experience and they give clear step-by-step instructions in the Action Guide.
  • For all those folks who have used Wordpress to build their website and, of course, lack visitors and substantial income, Solo Build It allows you to simply increase both the number of visitors and dollars using the SBI "Process."

In a nutshell, SBI has changed my life forever!!

Thank you for visiting How Much Do Websites Cost to Make Your Own Website Online.

I just love to help people decide what business to get into! There are so many options.

I do this for free. I provide a proven "Process" and then assist you in building your business.

As part of my Pay It Forward mission, I offer to assist you as you start and grow any online or offline business. I happily do this, in part, to thank all those who have helped me as an entrepreneur.

My offer is sincere and not a pitch to get you to buy something. No gimmick, trick or witch and bait.

I will never tery to sell you anything!

Starting businesses is just something I love to do!

If I may assist you, please just click on my photo above.

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