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A Home Staging Business
Tips For Sure Success

How to set your home staging business above your competitors in your marketplace is always great to know information.

Drawing on personal experiences, I offer home staging tips, really a home staging checklist for you to use in staging a house for sale in the proper way.

These work and work well.

What Prospective Clients Want to Know

I suggest that you design and have printed a 4-color brochure, which answers the questions below. That is, your entire marketing effort should focus on the "benefits" of using your home staging business and not on your services. Emphasizing services is where your competitors make an unforgiving mistake.

Home owners wanting to sell their home want to know the answers to these three questions:

  • What will you do for me that I can't do for myself?
  • How do I know I can sell my house for more by using your service?
  • Is your fee worth it to me?

Three Proven Statistics

According to StagedHomes.com the following statistics are the backbone of your home staging business.

  • 94% of staged residences sell in 29-days or less compared to an average market of 145-days.
  • When buyers approach your residence, they decide within 9 seconds or less, if they are receptive (like) to it.
  • If potential buyers see “any” clutter or dirty areas, 94% of the time they will not buy it.

Top 10 Staging Activities in Order of Importance

  1. Declutter including nothing in garage or basement
  2. No smells
  3. Spotlessly clean
  4. No personal items in bathrooms or family photos anywhere
  5. Use each room for its intended purpose only
  6. Remove evidence of pets
  7. Must be furnished and not empty
  8. No window coverings or use sheers only
  9. All walls freshly painted in neutral colors
  10. Front yard, rear yard and decks and porches of the house in tip-top shape

Learning Home Staging

Knowledge = Sales = Profits

Both from personal experience and from the experiences I have had in counseling entrepreneurs, I tell you with great emphasis the KEY to being highly successful: Take the Time to Understand and Learn from Others who operate a staging or declutter company.

There is no need to reinvent the wheel in starting your company. There is high value in following others advice. It saves dollars, time and mistakes. It’s just the smart way to prosper.

So, without any hesitation, I seriously recommend you consider reading Home Decorating Made Easy. It is universally known and successful staging companies have used her information guidelines for years.

Another staging related resource recommended to power your company is:

Effective Low Cost Marketing: What Works Best

I share the steps I used to market my decorating and staging company on this page of my website.

Over the years I have used this marketing resource:

Solid Ideas from the Home Marketing Institute

Helpful Professional Resources

Real Estate Staging Association

U. S. Small Business Administration

Additional Low Cost Business Ideas

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