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Home Sewing Business
For Moms

Boost your home sewing business by identifying the best niche that will earn you the most money and life satisfaction. See which action steps best suit you.

Sewing is becoming a lost art. With fewer people mastering the skill of sewing, please consider this a sound opportunity.

Earning $35,000 a year or more is realistic.

As you consider sewing as a business, please know that in many towns and neighborhoods, it is difficult to find a person who will do what are considered to be small sewing repair jobs (and big ones too).

From personal experience, when I found, what I call a seamstress, I told another 10 or so people about her.

Word of mouth travels fast. Martha even called me on the phone to thank me for referring folks to her.

Home Sewing Business Options

In your home sewing business you have four solid opportunities to make money.

  1. A Seamstress
  2. A Fabricator
  3. An Online Business Opportunity
  4. Any combination of the above

A seamstress mostly repairs clothing items. Your Martha-of-all-trades skill includes sewing on buttons, replacing zippers, alterations, ornamentation, beadwork, repairing tears, adding snaps, etc., etc., etc.

Martha told me she also makes seat covers, curtains, decorative pillows, drapes every now and then and a host of special projects for her customers. She has a part time person help her when the work goes crazy.

A Fabricator may also be a seamstress, but spends most of the time making new items.

In your home sewing business is there something you are passionate about making? What do you particularly have fun doing?

For example, do you enjoy making crafts, stuffed toys, infant clothes, scarves, window treatments, re-purpose used clothing into artistic gems, doll clothes, fashion designing or tailoring. Maybe, you want to teach sewing? How about starting a sewing club? This list can go on and on. Just pick what you like to do and then just do it.

As an Online Businesswomen you  can put your knowledge to work for you (even if you know "zero" about how to do this). Not only can your Internet company earn you income in its own right, but it can attract even more sewing customers to your business as a seamstress or fabricator.


Martha has recently asked me to counsel her in starting  an online company.

I do this for free.

I may assist you too (at no charge) in starting an online sewing company.

Just click on my photo above.

This is not a trick or something to suck you into buying something. No, just an honest offer to help.

Please click on my photo above for more info.

Effectively Marketing Your Sewing as a Home Business

The approach to marketing your seamstress or fabricator effort is slightly different.

Martha, my seamstress, markets herself these ways:

  • Advertises on Craigslist (Free)
  • A sign in her home front window
  • A small notice in her church bulletin
  • A card stuck to community bulletin boards (supermarket, dry cleaners, independently operated stores of all kinds)
  • A small ad in her community newsletter

 That’s it. Martha, most of the time, is up to her eyeballs with work. She’s happy. She earns a very good income.

My Sewing Company

I started and grew a company (Decorate With What You Have) largely on the making of window treatments.

As a sewing fabricator we marketed ourselves on Craigslist for free, through home consultations, writing a column in the local newspaper, having and staffing a booth at fairs and home shows and by having a shop selling consignment furniture and home decorating items. We were very, very busy making window treatments!

I hope this has been helpful. Thank you for visiting my website.

Smart Home Based Sewing Business Resources to Get You Started

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Helpful Professional Resources

American Sewing Guild

U.S. Small Business Administration: Starting a Business

Additional Small Business Ideas

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