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The Home Security Business

Opportunities for a Home Business

Who among us isn't more aware of our personal security?

This has fueled home security business opportunities for the home-based entrepreneur.

Five or ten years ago the prime market for home security systems was the middle class and richer suburbs.

This is still a market.

However, with these homeowners increasingly moving to urban core residences, the home security business opportunity is now focused on this upscale marketplace.

It's time to get your piece of the pie!

So, let's start.

How to Take Advantage

There are two aspects of the home security services business:

1.  The Sales Person

You are in sales. However, your task is more of a counselor to homeowners in identifying all aspects of keeping their home safe.

This includes advising on the security enhancements of how the home is landscaped, to door and window locks and, of course adding wired or wireless safety equipment you recommend for purchase and installation for that extra measure of home security.

You are essentially a service provider with knowledge of electronic security equipment functions and providing and suggesting that knowledge to the homeowner.

2.  Equipment Installer

In the home security business, the technical name for an installer is that of an integrator: the person who integrates all the electronics and locks into the home.

If you have a background in electronic equipment repair and/or installation, then these skills are super valuable to your business.

Speaking of super valuable, Daniel Berg has a 58-page ebook, which will give you, the business owner valuable insight into nearly everything about securing a home.

For a measly $9.95, The Ultimate Guide to Home Security will be yours!

Getting Into The Business: Your Options

 Being a Distributor

Many entrepreneurs, in this industry, work from home.

In essence, you represent a manufacture of residential security equipment. You receive product benefit and installation training on a whole line of digital devices.

Your home security small business becomes profitable through sales to homeowners of such devices.

However, the preferred way to grow your firm is to contract with and train other sales people to market your product line.

The equipment manufacturer assists you by providing a ton of training, brochures, DVDs and co-op advertising money.

You can find home security equipment manufactures on the Internet to see what distributor territories are available and the terms of the deal.

Independent Contractor

In this circumstance, your business is being self-employed and contracting with a regional distributor. You benefit by:

  • Being a sole proprietor not having management responsibilities
  • Being both the sales person and the installer/integrator
  • Being able to contract with multiple equipment suppliers for your services
  • Setting your own working hours

Become a Franchisee

Many home-based entrepreneurs choose to become a franchisee of a franchiser. An up-front payment of a fee gives you the experiences, marketing and products to be in business for yourself, but with a guiding hand of a franchiser.

Some of the best know franchisers are:

            NAME                                             FEE


Signature Alert Security                               $40,000

Shield Security Systems                              $75,000

DIGIKIDS                                                     $28,700

Monitor Closety                                              -Open-

  The home security business is alive and well. Residential security in the U.S. is nearly a $15 Billion sales machine. You have many options open to you.


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