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Home Business Ideas For Women
Who Want To Work
Part Time

Curious to see perfect home business ideas for women who want to work part time?

All of these profitable small business ideas allow for flexible scheduling of your moneymaking activity around other home responsibilities.

Each of the business ideas for women are accompanied by “how-to-start” resources showing how real people started the business you may now be considering.

These start-up resources can prevent you from making valuable time and dollar mistakes while giving you increased confidence.

Let’s get started.

Part Time Home Business Ideas for Women

Home Business Ideas for Women: CRAFTS

Many women enjoy the creative element of their lives by making crafts and then selling them here and there. If you now want to treat this hobby more seriously and earn a more substantial income please see Starting a Craft Business on a Solid Foundation. Your opportunities are discussed here.

Home Business Ideas for Women: FREELANCE TRANSLATING

Companies are global selling their products and services worldwide. And, this is not just the multi-national corporations, but tiny companies and even individual entrepreneurs who have an online business.

The need for translators is in demand.

Here is the requirement for making real money part time: You must be absolutely fluent in two languages.

The highest demand is for individuals to translate a foreign language into their native language. For example, if English is your native language but are fluent in Arabic, Spanish, French, Polish, Chinese, etc., your skills are in demand.

Translation positions require you translate other langues into your native language and not the other way around.

….Resources for Success


Of course, freelance marketing is the key to your success.

If prospective clients haven’t heard of you then all you do is sit at home waiting for that email to come. Pro-active is paramount in seeking freelance jobs.

The ONLY way to be successful in conducting online freelance work is to be found by prospective clients.

The main way to do this is to have a business website which reflects your skills, endorsements by third parties and, most importantly, will get found by prospective client looking for freelancers with your skills.

If you have a website, and you’re proud of the way it looks, it doesn’t mean you’ll be found by prospective clients.

Fully 99% of all websites are lucky is anyone clicks on them.

Want Proof?

OK, when was the last time you went to pages 3 through 17,739,264 when searching on the Internet?

If you don’t have a site that gets found, forget it.

Over 30 colleges and universities teach the mythology founded by a company called Solo Build It (SBI). Today, more than 40,000 entrepreneurs follow religiously the simple step-by-step guide of SBI to build a “business” website (and not just a website) that can rank in the top 3% of all websites in the world.

Only Solo Build It, the company I used in building my Website, can show you actual Proof. All the other systems, yes all the other systems, can not show you proof.

Home Business Ideas for Women: Making Dog Treats

According to the American Pet Products Association there are over 78 million dogs in the U.S. with nearly $13 billion spent on dog food/treats. That’s huge market!

With today’s emphasis on holistic and nutritious pet food, making and marketing dog treats is a growing industry. All you need is to know how to start and grow your effort. So, here goes.

Additional  Business Ideas for Women

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