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Home Based
Business Start Up Opportunities
For Women

The curious topic was Home Based Business Start Up Opportunities For Women. Talk about putting a twist on things, I was surprised too.

Martha, an Assistant Professor teaches entrepreneurship at a local University.

She hosts a symposium one week after class starts for her first year students. Its purpose is to expand their minds and get them thinking about home business start-ups.

The theme focuses on starting a business from home. While open to all of her freshmen students, attendance by women is around 85% or so of the group.

I was an invited guest who had two assigned tasks.

  • First, I was the moderator and requested to ask entrepreneurship questions and participate in the discussion.
  • Second, I was to do some research to find the best resources I could that would be about How-to-Start specific small businesses. These resources had to be written by entrepreneurs who had been successful at starting a small business and were willing to share their experiences.

The symposium was three hours long with a 15-minute break. Twenty-two Students were in attendance all seated in a circle starting to the left and right of me.

Home Based Business Start Up Opportunities for Women:
Into the Pot I Went

We each took turns naming affordable home-based business opportunities. Affordable was defined as investing $1,000 or less to a maximum of  $5,000 to begin generating sales and cash flow for the owner.

A Summary of the Symposium Follows

The first question I asked was, What are the most “off-the-wall” home business ideas for  women that you can think of?

This was a tough question. We spent about 90-minutes suggesting a bunch of weirdness and then discussing the best of the weird (but highly profitable) ideas. Each idea listed below is a link to a “how-to-do” resource.


The second half of the symposium we talked about home based business start up opportunities using the Internet. It was exceedingly interesting mainly because the students had little idea how to make money online.

As expected, they didn’t know how to build an effective website, which I’m still learning how to do also. We solved that problem.

Also, as expected, a moderate amount of time was spent discussing what and how to sell using the Internet. Very important, indeed!

This was a lively 90-minutes and very exhilarating time for everyone, including me.

We learned that there are literally thousands upon thousands of businesses that can be started online from home by both women and men, which can lead to a steady income, maybe even enough to leave your day job and take multiple vacations a year!

A very real possibility when you build your online business correctly.

Free Assistance

As part of my passion for Paying It Forward to help others start and build their own business, I will council you for free.

This offer is not a come-on or a way to suck you in to spending your money. It is simply, something I offer to do to help you succeed. Please, just click on my photo above if I may assist .

Thank you for visiting Home Based Business Start Up Opportunities for Women.

Helpful Professional Resources


U.S. Small Business Administration: Starting a Business

 National Association of  Women Business Owners

 National Association for the Self Employeed

Additional Business Ideas for Women

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